Writers’ Services

Are you writing a story and need guidance to work through issues of writing? Would you like extra motivation and encouragement? Writing Coaches/Mentors are wonderful for that.

If you’ve finished your story but would like someone to read it just to see if it comes together and is interesting, Beta Readers are the people to connect with!

After you’ve revised and edited your own story and have worked with Beta Readers, you may want to have your work pass through an editor, and here is a list of freelance Editors.

Once the editor has returned the manuscript to you and you’ve made the corrections, it’s always good to have a Proofreader look over the story to make sure there are no errors.

So your book is finished and ready for publication, but you always need a captivating cover, and you may want illustrations in you book. Check out the lists of Artists with these skills.

Now you may be looking for someplace to publish your work, and here is a list of small Publishers.

You might decide to self-publish, and sometimes you’ll be required to format you books (for Kindle, etc.). This can be cumbersome for those who aren’t sure where to even start, but thankfully there are people who offer their services with Formatting.

If you publish traditionally or self-publish, you need to promote your work, and it’s great to get book reviews! Check out these people who routinely promote others on their social media outlets, and there is also a list of people who review books: Promoters/Book Reviewers.

One unique way to promote your book is by having a book trailer, and you can find more information about how to have one created for you HERE.

Now, no matter what stage you are in your writing—whether you’re just beginning or are ready to publish your book or have already published several books, here are a few Groups you may be interested in especially for community support, encouragement, and networking.


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