Author Interview Reviews

Arthur David

I’ve never had an interview conducted at an observatory surrounded by telescopes, but my interview with Kelly changed all that. Kelly interviews via Facebook chat, but creates a world or scene for the interview to take place. Consequentially I got to have an interview not just online, or in a coffee shop (Thankfully, this may sound strange for a writer, but I really don’t like coffee or even the smell of it, blasphemy, I know) but somewhere more comfortable to me, and connected to something I love (space), and about something I love, namely writing. Kelly’s questions took me back and forced me to remember some of my earliest writings, and just how I got to where I am now, and where I’m going.

More than any of that, she gave me a chance to talk about my upcoming (now out) book, and what my thoughts on it, and writing are. All done very respectfully and professionally, despite my lack of a back catalog of work.

Christy Mann

I’ve only ever done two other interviews, and I have to say, this one was the most interesting one. It was a sheer joy meeting with Kelly one on one and doing it as a story, instead of the usual Q&A. I had a great time and Kelly really helped ease my nerves about the whole thing. She was prepared, helpful, and patient. I look forward to meeting with her again!

Nancy A. Nation

I was real nervous at first but then I always am when I do something new. Kelly made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Her questions were relevant and helped me stay focused on the topic at hand. I can hardly wait when we do the character interview.

Stephanie R. Sorensen

Kelly is a warm and friendly interviewer and made me feel comfortable and at home in moments with what was, I must say, a novel and unfamiliar experience. She creates an inviting atmosphere in her shop and invites you in, and the two of you co-create an interview experience through Facebook chat. Perhaps because Kelly is a writer skillfully interviewing writers, falling into the imagined space with her is effortless and enormously liberating. She gently coaxes out insights about your work and process you haven’t even consciously had yourself yet. The whole experience was just plain fun! And as a new author, being treated as a “real” author in my first author interview was very affirming. Kelly gives the gift of making you feel real.

Writers, if you can score a spot on Kelly’s interview calendar, you must grab the opportunity!

Kayla Matt

Interviews usually make me incredibly nervous. But Kelly made it so much easier to deal with than a lot of other interviews I’ve experienced. Being an avid role-player, the format was a joy to work with. It felt natural to me, really.

Hye Jin Choi

The fact that the interview was putting me in a fictional setting, was allowing me to imagine how things were going. I was nervous, I won’t deny it, but as soon as I managed to get an idea of where I was, it became suddenly more relaxing. I had fun, as I answered while looking at myself from outside.

Indeed, I managed to see myself in new angles. In fact, I had to question my old self about if that story, which people loved a lot, was the one I chose to speak about because it was a turning point in my career as a writer. I asked myself why after ten years I still consider that silly story as a success, and I am thankful this amazing experience brought that up. I am truly thankful about all the questions it made me ask myself, afterward. I am as well thankful for the inspiration the interview itself brought me. Kelly truly brought the best of me in the simplest ways, and all I can be is thankful.

Abigail Reed

I’ve done a couple of interviews before, but they weren’t even close to being as much fun as the one I did with Kelly. The roleplaying-type approach is simple but a lot of fun. I can’t imagine anyone not having fun doing one of these. 

Patricia Loofbourrow

At first I didn’t know what to expect with the author interview, and the prospect of a live interview made me feel very nervous. But as it went on Kelly made me feel very at ease. It was a unique experience, so different from the usual “fill out a form and turn it back in” routine that many online interviewers take. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone!

Carol Ann King

Kelly’s author interviews are personal yet professional. The experience alone is well worth an hour of your day. I didn’t even notice the time fly by as we sat and chatted as if our very lives were being acted out on paper. After being asked all the right questions, you’ll be left walking away with a feeling of accomplishment topped with a flavour shot boost to your self confidence. I look forward to great things from this amazing author in the future. If you are considering giving it a try, don’t hesitate.

Clarisse Almeida Alvarenga

I was really nervous about the experience. Apart from some RPGs I’ve never written a piece of fiction in collaboration, in another language no less. But Kelly’s setting of the scene got me going and the hour flew by.

Rachel Lemons

When Kelly and I began the interview, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew we would talk about my writing, but little did I know how much more excited I would feel about my writing by the time we were finished. It was loads of fun answering her questions about my characters, telling her the basics of my story, and about my own journey to becoming a writer. I can honestly say that I have a great deal more confidence in my ability to concoct a good tale, and feel more certain than ever that writing is the right path for me. I can’t thank Kelly enough!

Audra Brown

The dynamic digital Author Interview with Kelly was a hoot! We all know authors can be a little troublesome to deal with, but Kelly can put up with both the real and simulated writer! Her interview process is fun, engaging, and makes for a comfortable, yet exciting and personal conversation. My only regret is that it had to end. I would certainly recommend it.

Yasmine Jameson

I really enjoyed the interview. It was different than any other  I have done considering that it was both of us writing as if we were having a real conversation.  In a meeting as well.

The questions all followed and made me think about the story and re-think the story that I had written. For instance I thought I had only five band members to find out I had actually seven.  Good to know. But when you write it may only be about the five.  Probably what happened.

I like the idea that it was set in the coffee shop. It made it feel friendly.

You were a welcome person and asked good questions.  Plus you gave encouragement.

D. L. Pitchford

Doing an interview with Kelly was so much easier than I anticipated. Though I was initially nervous, she made the experience so much easier to handle than I first thought, and I was immediately comfortable. She let me ease into the process slowlyshe is never overbearing or forceful—and it was wonderful to be able to talk about my experiences with writing and as a writer so openly and forwardly.

Throughout it all, Kelly was fun, kind, and encouraging, and she helped make it an amazing experience. The interview itself is incredibly unique, as I’ve never written about myself in the third person before. It was so much fun to see myself as a character in a story, and it definitely made it easier to look at the interview as something other than an interview. This was a wonderful opportunity, and I’m so glad I was able to spend the time with Kelly.

Pearl Ratkovich

Kelly’s skills as an author interviewer are incredible. I am often nervous going into things like this, but Kelly was able to defuse it enough to let the words flow, so to speak. I appreciated the way she approached the interview questions—with a friendly, calm, and accepting demeanour—and enjoyed the interview quite a lot. I would definitely recommend Kelly’s services to my fellow authors/writers.

Tyler Wise

You might be a little apprehensive about doing an interview in this format—it is quite strange—but don’t be! Kelly is a master at it, organically showing you how it’s done as you go. Just follow her lead and you’ll be fine! I guarantee that you’ll enjoy it, as she asks just the right amount of questions, never delving too into a subject and always keeping it moving to find out more about you and your stories. Fantastic experience!

Margo Upson

Kelly’s author interview was such a fun and unique experience. I was nervous leading up to the interview, but Kelly made me feel right at home. She crafted a beautiful world for our interview, and made it easy to go back and forth with the conversation. A lot of writers really struggle with writing about themselves, but Kelly has a way of drawing out answers painlessly. She pulls the author into the story, and asks questions that aren’t too challenging, but really make you think about not only the details of your story, but what you hope to accomplish by writing it. The hour flew by.

This was my first interview as an author, and I can’t recommend the experience enough to other writers. If you get the chance to work with Kelly, don’t pass it up.

Brandon O’Bryant

Interviewing with Kelly Blanchard was a real pleasure, doing it as a co-written scene rather than the traditional Q&A method not only made the process far more enjoyable but I felt it was easier to answer questions, a vast improvement over the usual interviews that always feel a bit mind numbing. While her questions are simple I found myself having to give a bit of thought to my answers and thinking about things I hadn’t considered in years. I look forward to working with her again in the future when she interviews my characters.

Regina Bethory

I really enjoyed my author interview with Kelly. I was extremely nervous at first due to the format. I think I had been told before that it would be in third person but I wasn’t prepared to narrate as well. Once that dawned on me, I felt so unprepared to essentially come up with fiction on the spot. Kelly made it really easy though. Following her lead, I simply answered her questions and followed scenic clues (we had picked the location in advance). After the first question, I quickly got over that initial fear and things were very smooth. I’m really looking forward to doing a character interview soon and interested to see if I’ll learn some new things about the chosen character. Overall, Kelly provides a unique and creative opportunity.

Jessica O’Bryant

Kelly’s Interviews are unlike any interview I have ever done. It was open and relaxing. We sat in a library in a castle (Of The Muse’s design) and simply chatted back and forth. It was easy to talk with her. I didn’t feel like I was under the ax of some time line or that I had to watch my words. Our hour flew past in bare minutes and when we were done I felt like I had just begun. She (Kelly) has a way of posing questions that make you want to talk and talk and not think. It’s so easy to simply let the words flow and not question the perfection of one’s answer. I am so happy she agreed to work with me. It was truly a pleasure and I highly recommend her to everyone!

Denise Ohara

I just had the most unique interview! Kelly’s interviews are uniquely done in a short story format. I was quite nervous but she helped me relax and I found I enjoyed the interactive interview very much! It was easy to tell that she’s got a quick mind and has a gift for drawing others out. I would absolutely recommend the experience to others.

Diana Quirk

Kelly’s interviews are unique and fun to read but to participate in one is even better.  It isn’t just a sit down and answer generic questions interview.  It is laid back and in a fun setting of writing similar to a story.  It is easy to forget any nervous feelings one might have to be interviewed.  Kelly makes sure the setting is comfortable, keeps the writing interactive, and the questions easy but informative.  I wish more interviews were done this way.

Leka Melo

I was very nervous before my interview with Kelly, but she’s so welcoming and lovely that it felt like having tea with a friend. One hour of interview felt like a 15-minute chat. Kelly made me feel interesting got me excited to talk about my story, which had been on the back of my mind lately. I feel like tonight will involve lots of writing!

Darius Sayers

On Monday, the 18th of January, I was interviewed by Kelly Blanchard, an author, and as many within a community of writers consider the Muse. She has been performing interviews with writers in a unique way. I have to be honest, when she first asked to interview me several months ago, I was terrified. Here was a published author, with a plethora of experience, who wanted to interview me. With a new job and a full-load of college classes, I had to take a rain check, but at the beginning of the year, the lull in my schedule, and her desire to do more interviews made a perfect time.

I’ve only been interviewed twice before. Once, after winning a state Showcase for writing, when I was eighteen, and ten years ago by a young man with aspirations of being a film and documentary director. Neither of these experiences prepared me for the delightful scenario that would play out. Kelly performs her interviews as a session of co-writing, rather than simple question and answer period. I was tasked with finding a “setting” for the interview and setting it up through an opening paragraph.

Of course, this was done in a virtual setting, and I chose a place that I have never taken anyone else to, and only one other person knew of, what the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes would call my “mind palace.” This place is a small island with a small mountain and a hodge-podge of buildings seated at the top. We met on the beach, and I gave Kelly a short guided tour, that was mostly a hike.

As we conversed back and forth, sharing the experience and the setting, Kelly asked the questions that she wanted to touch on with her interview. The experiences I have had felt very rushed, and I on the spot to provide an answer immediately. With Kelly, it was relaxed, especially as we were on my home turf. Her questions were all at once invasive, to the point and friendly. I found myself answering her questions with no anxiety, and having the time to think them over before I replied, gave me a better chance to answer them in a manner that I was happy with.

If you get the chance to be interviewed by Kelly Blanchard, I highly recommend it. Not only did I get the chance to tell my story, why I write, and where I am going, but being able to talk out certain challenges and roadblocks on my journey provided answers and direction that I needed.

M. M. Chromy

The Author Interview that Kelly does is so fun and truly a unique experience. It was a cool experience to speak about my story and who I am as an author, even though I’m unpublished right now. She puts you at ease and let’s you speak of all you favorite bits of your novels. Highly recommended!

Jennifer Sharp

No one has every really asked me about my writing or why I do it, quite like this! This was such a unique experience I think anyone that can, should. I got to remember the reasons why I started writing in the first place. The way Kelly sets it up is very comfortable and easy to forget you’re even being interviewed. For my interview we traveled, via portals, to the Palace of Versailles. We walked the halls of history and she asked some very good questions about how I am, how I got into writing and asked me about my stories. 

Just like her character interviews, which I highly, highly recommend. She’s a great interviewer and makes the process feel like it’s not even an interview. It’s very  much like talking to an old friend!

Alexa Smith

Kelly interviewed me, and I have to say it was a great experience. I was a little worried going forward because I haven’t published a piece of work before and am still in the midst of editing stories. But she set the scene wonderfully, even asked me where I would like to meet with her. I picked my favorite of locations and enjoyed the hour we shared talking about my life and my writing. It made me think about why I started my writing and why I love the story I work on. I’m sure it will be a great promotion when it is is posted and have people interested in my story and character that she also interviewed.

She does a wonderful job, making it easy to write back and forth and answer her questions, which are fairly simple questions with complicated answers. Kelly understands how to get the most out of the interview! So yes, all in all, pleasant and wonderful experience that made me laugh at times and enjoy regaling her of my favorite story I am working on. All in all, if you have a chance, let her interview you too! The time will go quickly and it will be a fun hour!

V. P. Allasander

Kelly’s way of conducting author and character interviews is an unique concept that involves not just her but draws in the author as well. The author interviews are initiated by Kelly and the author follows her lead. It is just amazing how the interviews are done in a story format. The interviewer is professional. As a reader browsing to get to know authors and books, her interviews are amazingly perfect. Kelly is a brilliant writer as well and that brings the story out just like a professionally written short story. As an interviewer, she is quite helpful, thus making it an interactive and organic process. An author will definitely enjoy such interviews, which are quite different from the ones they usually do. If you are releasing a new book and want your interview done, you should definitely approach Kelly. You won’t regret it, I guarantee you.

Tasha Reese

I had such a wonderful time being interviewed by the lovely Kelly Blanchard. She was able to help me relax and enjoy just talking about the wonderful things that I write. I would definitely recommend others try the experience.

Brianna Leaver

Being interviewed by Ms. Blanchard was an experience like no other. I like how the author gets to choose the setting, even if it is fictional, because its almost as if you were really there. To write yourself as a character…I thought it was going to be difficult, but Kelly made me feel at ease. Once the conversation got underway, I was more than willing to talk about my first published work. It was fun, she made me laugh and I’d love to do it again sometime!

Nat Andrews

I really enjoyed the style of the interview. By writing in the third person, I felt as If I was slightly removed from my answers, which in turn made me feel less self-conscious. That in turn made me feel comfortable about answering the questions in more depth.

I very much recommend Kelly. She is a very professional and is able to get straight to the heart of the matter. I felt I was in good hands and she confidently steered the conversation in directions that ensured it would make an interesting read. I’m very pleased that I have had the opportunity to take part in these interviews.

And I’m looking forward to Kelly grilling my poor character tonight.

Amy Hopkins

Despite an innate terror of interviews, I utterly loved chatting to Kelly. As someone who suffers from ‘average, boring life’ syndrome, it’s very hard to present myself as someone who has a bio that won’t make you fall asleep. Kelly’s questions though drew out an area I’m passionate about and made me come alive. Her questions on my book were thorough, and so much more than the standard ‘tell me about your book’. In all, it was possibly the best author interview I will ever do.

Ellie Mack

I was quite nervous about the interview process with Kelly, but she assured me that  it would go smoothly. She was right! Aside from some technical issues with internet connections,  it went smoothly indeed. The time passed way too quickly! Kelly made it easy, enjoyable and refreshing!

A.N. Mouse

Let me give you a little background information; I work until super late at night, and don’t get a lot of sleep because of health issues. This means when I sat down to do the interview with Kelly I was blurry-eyed, burnt out and not altogether that bright.

Kelly was wonderful.

She made the experience extremely enjoyable was altogether masterful at creating a setting that was easy to interact with. It was the best thing I’ve ever done on such little sleep. My only possible complaint is that with it being a written interview, an hour seems a little short to get anything meaningful covered. That has to be taken with a grain of salt though; I was probably a little slow on the reaction time. 

I’d highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for an exercise in finding their voice, a pleasant interview experience or someone looking to be promoted on her website. A truly pleasant experience.

Kyleen Valleaux

Kelly’s interview was really fun. She asked me some great questions about my story that really helped me put into words things that I hadn’t been able to articulate. Chronicles of the Garlon T’zen has been nearly a life long work and she helped reignite some of the excitement that I had been lacking while tackling the technical side of getting a website up and running. I am really looking forward to bring this story to the world and I think that the interview will give a little more background to the readers as we go along.

Joshua L. Cejka

So…yesterday I had my very first author interview courtesy of Kelly Blanchard and let me tell you something. It was…something. See, Kelly doesn’t do you’re ‘usual’ interview. She doesn’t have a list of standard prepared questions. She doesn’t use a phone. You don’t settle in to a nice cup of coffee, or stroke your chin in wise and knowing ways. You write. And it’s fun.

We’re writers, right? So why not? Why not make yourself into a character, put yourself into an interesting location and lose yourself in the moment? And that is the trick of it. And it’s quite the trick. But one that was a ton of fun.

Her choice of setting was a lodge in Zambia. Naturally, and perhaps unfortunately weren’t actually there. It was infested with lovely elephants wandering through and if you know me I’m a sucker for elephants. Particularly, the cute and adorable little ones which were in abundance in the lodge and our imaginations. And from there it was a matter of give and take – one of us creating the scene, describing a little bit of it, sharing the story of the interview.

It’s a unique approach. I’ve never heard it done anywhere else but it certainly releases the stodgy pre-prepared and canned responses you sometimes get with these things.

Seriously, it was a blast. If you ever get a chance to be interviewed by Kelly, take it. Should you get amazingly famous in whatever pursuit you choose, you’ll never have such a strange, beautiful and fun approach.

Jennifer Archer

Doing the author interview with Kelly Blanchard was a unique and awesome experience. Instead of the traditional question-answer format, Kelly’s interviews are more like writing a short scene together.  She draws you into another setting which really alleviates the nervousness of an interview.  I got a lot out of it. It really helped me pin down some things about my story that I hadn’t been able to verbalize beforehand. It also helped me to open up and talk about myself which is difficult for me to do sometimes. Most of all, it was fun! The time passed far too quickly. It was a great experience.

Leanne Hanson

I really enjoyed the author interview by Kelly Blanchard. Her unique way of creating an interactive environment between interviewer and interviewee was exciting and a lot of fun to participate in—more so than just asking a list of questions. She was very open about letting me try the setting for the author interview in my story-world as well, which showed a lot of trust on her part, and was a great deal of fun. After all, surely I’m not the only one who tries to imagine their favorite author in their own character’s worlds! All told, Kelly Blanchard did an amazing job with the interview and I would highly recommend anyone to her.

Cora Moss

When I first heard about the interactive author and character interviews Kelly Blanchard did, I was more than a little curious. At first, it seemed like a weird idea to me– you write about yourself in the 3rd person, set in some alternate world, and tell a story with the interview questions? But I’m always one to try new things, so I figured I’d give it a go.

Once I actually signed up for an author interview, I started to get a little nervous. Although I would love to make writing my profession someday, so far it’s only ever been a hobby. The only things I’ve published are a couple of pieces of fan fiction on I’d never even managed to finish a first draft of one of my many wannabe-novels, so what on earth was I supposed to talk about?

But as soon as the interview started, my worries instantly subsided. Kelly was warm and welcoming, and I felt at ease. We had a lot of fun chatting about how I got interested in writing in the first place, what my current projects were, and some plans to the future. The time really flew by, and before I knew it, it was time for us to leave. It was such an awesome experience, and I’m so glad I decided to do it, despite my initial reservations.

MJ Smitherino

Having never finished a significant work, I have never been interviewed as an author before.  I can’t imagine a better process than being interviewed by Kelly Blanchard.  I was nervous at first, and worried that my point of view might not come through, but it was easiest to relax into a fantasy realm with another person who understands the creative process.  Kelly is very open and sweet, and understands that some writers can be very self-involved.  I never felt judged or critiqued, and because of her friendliness, it was easy to relax into such a creative atmosphere.  I was certainly not bored (which may have been because I was talking about my favorite person–me!), and even got the kick in the pants I needed to start up my writing project (again).  My only question is, who is going to interview Kelly?!

Raven Blackburn

Kelly Blanchard has taken on this enormous task of interviewing numerous authors over the time frame of a few months. The incredible thing about these interviews is that Kelly invites the authors into her imagination, visiting places that appear in her books.

When she asked me a few months ago if I wanted to be interviewed I was uncertain. After all, what could she possibly ask an author who had only posted a few scraps of her work on Wattpad?

But my fears were completely unwarranted, because as she pulled me into her world – an abandoned mansion where the vampires of my stories would feel right at home – my anxiety melted away and the hour was over much faster than I had expected.

Kelly knows how to make a shy, uncertain author feel at ease, managing to ask all the right questions to keep the interview going. There were no odd pauses, no questions that made me feel less of an author because of my unpublished status. She also asked a few questions about my job as a book cover artist, which I loved, as both jobs tie in nicely together. I was sad leaving the mansion and Kelly behind, waking up in my own living room.

The experience was truly magical and I can only say that if you ever have the opportunity to do such an interview, do it!

Ted Covey

I’ve never been a fan of interviews, but once I was warmed up in towards the beginning of Kelly’s interview, I had a blast! She didn’t make things feel awkward, and I didn’t really want it to end.

Daryl Ball

Kelly approaches her interviews in a slightly different manner than the usual.  While the questions are of the standard variety, intended to draw out the information about the author for the reader to see, she does so with a unique approach.  Going into it I had a great deal of nervousness given she uses a role play approach in which you each post as though you are playing a character only it is your own self.

Once it was underway though the time flew by far too quickly due to the ease of conversing with her.  I found as the end approached I was watching the clock a great deal more though not wanting to take up more time than had been allotted.  Despite us going well over though, Kelly never strayed or tried to rush the interview, making sure it reached its’ proper conclusion

It was a pleasure to have gone through the process with her and in my opinion is a fascinating way to allow readers to get a look into the authors being interviewed as it not only lets them know a bit about them but also their style of writing through the role playing.  If one has the opportunity I would strongly recommend other authors set up time to be interviewed by her.

Ryan T. Nelson

Kelly Blanchard’s story style interviews are no end of fun and fascination. The brief glimpses she gives into her crafted settings and brushed with some of her characters is an experience one can’t get elsewhere.

I enjoyed getting to talk about my books and throw out a little information on a series that I’m working on. I’m quite proud of the story and getting to talk frankly with someone that isn’t tired of hearing me ramble on about it was quite the motivational experience. I’m off to continue work on book two in that series but I would highly recommend these interview to anyone that is even remotely interested.

You won’t be sorry in the slightest.

Vibhuti Bhandarkar

I have been interviewed many times in the past; sharing my story through e-mail, chat and even in person but yesterday’s experience was one of a kind. Interview with Kelly Blanchard is set apart because interacting with her didn’t feel one bit like I was answering a staid questionnaire. She took pains to make the whole experience fantastical since I am a fantasy fiction writer, making me more proud of belonging to the genre of writers. Imagining myself stepping into a virtual realm and speaking about myself from a third POV was indeed a new experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly. This was the first interview ever that challenged my capacities as a writer and kept me on the edge of my seat all throughout. Thank you so much, Kelly, for your time, patience and for giving me a chance to present myself in this most unique format.

Valerie Seimas

Kelly’s author interviews are a fascinating experience for any author.  Putting myself into the position of being the “character” made me feel for what I put my poor characters through.  It was an engaging time that got me talking about things that weren’t the usual interview fare and is definitely something I’m going to remember.  For someone that is still uncomfortable talking about herself as an author, typing the conversation put me at ease.   Just be careful of all those plot bunnies – they bite!

Grace Snoke:

(Originally posted as a post on Grace Snoke’s blog.)

…With the author interview, Kelly offered me an interesting opportunity: for me to be interviewed instead of me being the interviewer. In the course of my day job, I spend hours interviewing subjects for the various publications I write and then writing their articles. It is rare that I get to be interviewed and even rarer for me to talk about my love of writing. But this isn’t my first interview with Kelly either – she was on the receiving end when I interviewed her character, Lorrek, from her novel Someday I’ll Be Redeemed, so I had a bit of an idea of how things would go.

Interviews with Kelly are unique. Instead of the standard, boring Q&A format where the interviewer asks questions that get bolded in a story and the author replies, you, as the author, and Kelly write a story together. The interview is set in a fictional location where the author and Kelly interact and talk about the projects they are working on…read more.

Kristen Moger

Kelly Blanchard’s interviews are a pleasure to take part in.  She has a great imagination and encourages her interviewees to join in the creative adventure, all the while allowing the reader to discover an author in a new way that is far more interesting than the usual question and answer session.

Virginia Carraway Stark

Being interviewed by Kelly Blanchard about my upcoming novel, “The Hunt for Z’iaster’ was an interesting and imaginative romp that showed Blanchard’s clarity of vision of her world. I had never written about myself in the third person before and adding to the challenge of trying to think of how to describe and characterize my movements, voice and idiom was the challenge of being transported to Blanchard’s fantasy universe as well.

Blanchard encourages play over a standard, by-the-books interview and lets the interviewee lead with creation and imagination so that the interview takes place in another world—Kelly Blanchard’s world. In my case, we started off in a royal garden and then rambled through a woods and into an ancient ruins.

The suspension of belief and the removal of the bounds of reality are essential to the creative process. This is what was distinguishing about the interview. It was an effort of creation rather than a simple rundown of facts. There was no list of interview questions, and it was much more a conversation between writers that allows others an inside peek into the world of not one author, but two.

Matthew Dale

I was unsure of what to expect going into this interview. The setup Kelly gave the volunteers beforehand was, unorthodox, to say the least, but interesting. The interview takes place in a fictional environment, and the author being interviewed is expected to write about themselves as if they are one of their own characters. I found this concept to be fascinating! Kelly is very friendly and easily approachable in the interview, and the process really forced me to consider my answers to her questions. Having been a newspaper reporter, I’ve done my share of interviews, even with a couple of published authors. I’ve never been the interviewee, and I’ve never had such an interesting, thought provoking, and overall enjoyable interview. Were I to give it an Amazon Star style rating, I’d probably rate it 5 out of 5. My only complaint is that the time for our conversation went by too quickly, and this is coming from a self professed introvert who has not had very much contact with Kelly prior to this interview. Definitely worth your time to do this, if for nothing more than a pleasant diversion from the norm.

Nan Sampson Bach

Not only are you a great author, Kelly, but an inspired interviewer as well! I was honored to be one of your guinea pigs in this experiment and I can say without hesitation that it was a rousing success. Echoing other comments, it was a blast to participate in. I fell completely under the spell of being in the fictional setting you created for us – I could see every tree and rock and stone archway. The time just flew by and I found I was deeply disappointed when you told me it was time to come back to this reality. I spent the whole day literally buzzing from excitement at first in anticipation and later from the sheer joy of the encounter (don’t tell my boss, however, because my productivity at work that afternoon totally bottomed out!). Thanks for an awesome experience – and for having the genius to come up with this idea!

Jacob Settlemyre

The interview was really interesting. Kelly is really good at setting the scene and making you comfortable when you first begin. It was like a real conversation. The talk was laidback and had a lot of possibilities. Of course she lets you explore and contribute. I learned a lot from the experience. Thanks Kelly!

Lia Rees

Kelly’s interviews are a pleasure to take part in. She invites you into a setting which is developed enough to offer scope for imagination, yet not restrictive in its demands. She is encouraging, builds a natural rapport with her interviewee, and easily shifts her focus to meet new ideas. Even allowing for the difference in our genres and styles, Kelly made my first ever author interview straightforward and inspiring.

Clint Brill

Kelly’s interviews are like all standard interviews with a simple Q&A session. The similarity, however, stops there. The idea of working through the interview in Third Person like you’re writing a scene for a character was a little odd at first, but it doesn’t take long to get into the fun of it. Her questions were thought-provoking and the “character interactions” between questions helped ease the tension and make the entire process enjoyable. More interviewers need to take a similar approach. I’d definitely do another interview like that any time.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick

I have never been interviewed in the way Kelly interviewed me. I used to role play years ago and it felt like doing that again and it was fantastic. Kelly was so easy to talk to and I felt that no matter what I told her, there would be no judgement. She set the scene brilliantly and before I knew it, the interview was over. I am really looking forward to my character interview.

Phil Henderson

When I was interviewed by Kelly Blanchard, I had no idea what to expect.  She asked me to choose a setting, and I had no idea what sort of questions she’d be asking or how it would happen.  Most of the author interviews I’d encountered were conducted in coffee shops or TV studios and printed in newspapers or magazines.  Her questions focused, quite appropriately enough, on my work and my background, and how one influenced the other.

What surprised me the most was how interesting Kelly found me to be.  I’ve never considered myself a particularly interesting person, just a know-it-all full of useless facts.  In everyday conversation, especially with my mother’s family, I’m used to getting out a sentence or two out before I lose their interest and they start talking over me to each other.  Kelly, on the other hand, took in everything I said, and was kind, encouraging, and engaging.  The only complaint I have is that it ended too quickly.

I would recommend this experience to any up-and-coming author.

Amy Preder

I absolutely loved Kelly’s interview format. I have been writing for a long time, but am new to trying to develop a presence as a writer and getting published. In my career up to this point, I preferred to avoid appearing in media. For these reasons, I was very nervous about being the subject of an interview. Kelly’s style was very warm and friendly, and the format allowed me to relax as I was writing a character instead of feeling like all the pressure was on me as a person.

As someone who is just beginning to build a presence and a writing career, I also think this format is a great way to be introduced to prospective readers. I don’t think many people are interested in a writer’s life or process unless they have first come to like the writer. This interview style goes beyond the standard author interview. It introduces the reader to the author’s style and voice. It allows the reader to see the author’s body language and personality. It can even let readers see the author’s thoughts. This seems like it will be a much more engaging introduction to a new author than the standard interview.

Overall, I had a great time. I also look forward to my interview coming out, and to reading the other interviews Kelly is doing.

Ryan Kells

I’m not sure what rating scale we’re using to review the interviews with Kelly Blanchard. Suffice it to say it was a fantastic and entertaining interview.

Instead of the typical Q&A style interview it was a Co written short  story in a way. I was introduced to a fictional location of Kelly’s creation and then write add if I was physically walking about the space with Kelly.

Wonderful and a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the character interview.

Cindy Chen

I had the pleasure of being a part of Kelly’s author interviews. It was a really creative idea, and I definitely had a lot of fun doing it. Instead of a traditional interview, we were basically creating a story together, just with ourselves as characters. At first, I was a little bit nervous about writing within a certain time period, since the interview was only supposed to last about an hour (my first response to Kelly took me forever!!!), but Kelly was honestly super understanding and made the experience fun! Plus, writing came a lot more naturally as the interview went on. This was a fun experience and I’m so glad I had the chance to do this.

Robyn Ford

I haven’t been feeling much like a writer lately, so I have no idea what possessed me to volunteer for writer/character interviews. But I’m so glad I did. I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect from the unusual format, but Kelly did a great job communicating the details and answering any questions that came up.

On the day of the interview, Kelly was professional and timely. She took the time to answer last minute questions and put me at ease. The format was a little awkward at first, but it didn’t take long to get into the flow. I also felt like I had her attention, even though we weren’t able to talk face-to-face. It was a fun experience and time seemed to fly by. I came away feeling inspired and encouraged.

AJ Downey

What can I say about the author review process with Kelly Blanchard? In a word… Refreshing. Kelly has a unique and lovely take on the interview process that is anything but boring. It takes a minute to get used to talking about yourself in the third person, but if you can get past that you’re golden. Time flies when you’re having fun and this was no exception to that rule. The hour felt like minutes and was definitely an exercise in both creativity and keeping it real. I highly recommend every author tries an experience like this one at least once in their writing career.

Rachel Brune

Having not really known what to expect when I walked in, I don’t know whether it’s accurate to say that I was pleasantly surprised, but that is how I felt. First, thank you for accommodating the earlier time – I had a doctor’s appointment for my daughter and bad math skills. Second, I felt that you did an excellent job of setting the stage, so I could see the study in my mind, and immediately was able to adapt to the geography and the little bit of back story you shared.

I did find it a little confusing leading up to the initial interview, but once we started messaging and you gave me the “talk about yourself in the third person” instructions, that cleared it up for me. Up to that point, I wasn’t sure if I would be talking in first person to you, or to the character you mentioned in the back story.

I enjoyed the questions – they were similar to ones I had seen before in author interviews, but with the setting and the twist of co-creating a story, I almost felt like I was answering them for the first time. Having to think about the third person actions/thoughts pushed me to think more deeply about what I was writing, and the real-time interaction was a lot of fun.

Rebekkah Hibbert Shaw

I was hesitant to be interviewed at first because I don’t really view myself as an author. I haven’t finished a book yet and I don’t write regularly enough. Kelly made me feel comfortable right away. Not only insisting that I am an author and she’ll set me straight if I don’t think so, but running with me when I hijacked the interview. A cool thing happened (and I think this speaks to how familiar she is with writing and its challenges. It’s so natural to her it’s amazing!), she ran with it, and could tell by what happened in the story that my imagination wasn’t being tended to as it should. If you’re ever offered a chance to work with Kelly, especially for free, don’t let any hesitation stop you. You’ll not only learn something, but you’ll have great fun!

Orlandrea Jamiel Shader

I’ve never experienced an interview like this one. First of all, it was done in real time on Facebook Messenger. So I wasn’t sent a bunch of questions, which I answered later. This was an interactive author interview. Via messenger, at our appointed meeting time, she (Kelly) gave me the opening of the scene from her world of Cuskelom. And I wrote in third person past tense. IT WAS SO FREAKIN’ FUN!!!! In reality, it was like co-authoring a book. Kelly’s interview was peppered with awesome descriptions of the palace gardens. So as I was answering questions about my upcoming projects, and how I became a writer, I was also responding to what she allowed my mind’s eye to see in the garden. Did I mention BEST INTERVIEW EVER!!!!!!! I’m an introvert, and interviews aren’t my thing, but Kelly made this process so much fun. It was painless, and what made it even better was the fact that it was interactive. If you ask me, ALL interviews should be conducted this way.

Diana Byrin

Working with Kelly in any capacity has always been an inspiring, enlightening, and fun experience. Her unique way of creating an interview in what is more or less a storytelling format is an example of that experience. It was a bit of an intimidating thing to go into but as soon as I virtually sit down with her, I felt very at ease and almost could not stop talking. I highly recommend working with her, whether you use her mentoring, interview, or other writing services. I CANNOT WAIT to have her interview one of my characters!

Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

Author interviews can be draining. You try to come up with something unique and brilliant sounding for the interviewer, but everything you say comes out flat.

Contrary to that, my interview with my best writing buddy, Kelly, was exhilarating, making an hour seem like pure playtime. Article writers should approach interviews in creative ways, and this is one of the best!

Lisa Wooley

When I volunteered to do the author interview, I was expecting the usual, “Question and Answer” kind of format.  Getting a list of questions ahead of time, so I could make the answers worthy <smiles>.  But she told us that she was going to do things a bit…differently.

Instead of the above format, we were going to be interviewed live (through FB chat), and that we got to pick one of her settings.  I chose a waterfall, because Pisces!   She told us that we would be doing the dialogue responses as ourselves, but the actions we had to write in 3rd person.  For instance, “She fidgeted by the water until she got comfortable.”

I won’t lie, I was a bit apprehensive at first, not knowing how it would go.  But now I’m a real fan of this style of interview.  Kelly made it really relaxing and non-threatening.  The questions themselves were really thought provoking and beyond the normal interview sphere.  It was a writer and writer interview, so that is to be expected.

I can hardly wait until the Character interview…when Rockland Moore gets to have his say.

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One thought on “Author Interview Reviews

  1. Kelly is a warm and friendly interviewer and made me feel comfortable and at home in moments with what was, I must say, a novel and unfamiliar experience. She creates an inviting atmosphere in her shop and invites you in, and the two of you co-create an interview experience through Facebook chat. Perhaps because Kelly is a writer skillfully interviewing writers, falling into the imagined space with her is effortless and enormously liberating. She gently coaxes out insights about your work and process you haven’t even consciously had yourself yet. The whole experience was just plain fun! And as a new author, being treated as a “real” author in my first author interview was very affirming. Kelly gives the gift of making you feel real.

    Writers, if you can score a spot on Kelly’s interview calendar, you must grab the opportunity!

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