Character Interview: Rishika’s Fiona

Today I met Rishika’s character, Fiona, from her MYSTERY/ROMANCE novel, ‘The Captured’, and got to ask her a few questions. In this interview, ‘Kelly’ was written by me while ‘Fiona’ was written by Rishika.


Fiona entered a coffee shop in norther fresco California and ordered her coffee. She saw it was raining. Fiona got her coffee and went to sit and took out her laptop to start working.

Coming out of the rain, Kelly pushed her hood off her head and looked around. She saw Fiona sitting at a table with her laptop, but before going to her Kelly went to the counter, ordered some hot chocolate to ward off the chill from the rain. Once she received her order, she went to the table. “Are you Fiona?” When Fiona lifted her gaze to her, Kelly smiled. “I’m Kelly. Thanks for meeting with me. How are you doing today?” She sat across from her.

Fiona smiled at Kelly. “I am fine.”

“Good.” Kelly nodded. “So I hear you and some friends of yours went to Europe. Where exactly did you visit?” She tilted her head to the side before taking a sip of her drink.

Fiona was happy. “I went to the museum and did some shopping.”

“I mean, Europe is a big place, lots of different countries. Which countries did you visit?” Kelly sat back in her chair.

Fiona touched her head. “Actually we went to Greece and we did some shopping we stayed in a hotel next to the beach and visited the world best museum.”

“Very nice.” Kelly smiled. “And you went with Olivia, Isabella, Gerry and Bernard, right? How do you know them?”

Fiona laughed. “Well, I knew them since childhood and they are my best friend it was so nice going out with them.”

“That’s wonderful! It’s not often childhood friends stick around. So I”m glad you all have.” Kelly nodded. “So I understand you met Jacob, but did you meet him on your travels?”

Fiona frowned. “He follows me everywhere I go, and interferes in my life. I couldn’t enjoy so much.”

“But how did you meet him? Surely he hasn’t been following you all your life…or has he?” Kelly tilted her head to the side, furrowing her brows.

Fiona nodded her head and sitting down in her sofa. “Oh well, he has been following me but since then he has stopped.”

Kelly lifted her hand to rub her forehead. She was trying to get a specific answer, but Fiona wasn’t answering it. “Okay, so when did he start following you?”

Fiona grinned. “Well since the day he died”

“And when did he die? Did you know him before he died?”

Fiona made a sad face. “He died last year, and I did know him very well before he died.”

“I see.” Kelly nodded. Finally an answer she was looking for. Kelly sat back in her chair. “What was he like before he died?”

Fiona stared at Kelly. “He was a very handsome man and very caring and loving he used to understand me very well.”

“And suddenly when he dies, he becomes a stalker ghost?” Kelly frowned. “Why do you think that is?”

“Well, he didn’t like me meeting my friends, and he used to get angry with them.”

“I see.” Kelly nodded. “That’s never a good thing.” She shook her head. “So has he stopped bothering you yet? Or is he still following you around?”

Fiona gave a angry look. “Well, he sometimes follows me. He captured one of my friend.”

Kelly raised a brow. “How did this happen?”

“When we were on a hotel in Greece going down for breakfast, we saw Bernard missing”.

“And he’s still missing?”

“Oh no, he got back because I told Jacob to send him back.”

Kelly shook her head, trying to keep track of everything. “I see…so, Jacob issues aside, let’s talk about sometime else.” Kelly smiled at Fiona. “I hear you’re attending university. What are you studying?”

“Fiona smiled back. “Well I am studying business studies.”

“Are you planning on opening your own business? If so, what kind of business?” Kelly took another sip of her drink. She had forgotten about it.

“Oh yes I am trying to open a bpo and  be settled in my life.” Fiona was content.

“I see.” Kelly nodded. “And what gave your the inspiration to open that? Or was it something you always wanted to do?”

“It was my dream and to fulfill my family wish.” Fiona jumped up and down talking about this.

“That’s always a good thing.” Kelly smiled. “Well, I hope you the best. Are you hoping to travel more though?”

Fiona smiled and said. “Yes I am planning to travel to France and Australia and more.”

“Fantastic! Will your friends be accompanying you too?” Kelly took another sip of her drink.

Oh Fiona was happy and said, “Oh yes they will be traveling with me,”

Kelly smiled as she set her drink back down on the table. “That is fantastic. So, tell me about your family a bit. Do you have any siblings? Are you really close to your family?”

Fiona smiled. “My family lives in Russia, and I am very close to them, I am their only daughter.”

“Russia??” Kelly lifted her brows. “How did you end up here? I mean, I think it’s great! But it’s a bit away from Russia.”

Fiona laughed. “Well I am a very independent girl and I wanted to go to California fresco. It is great to be here.”

“So how long have you been here? You said your friends and you have been childhood friends, but are they back in Russia too? Or did you grow up here? I’m not sure how that works…” Kelly furrowed her brows, a little confused.

“Oh well they were in Russia, and they all flew down with me to California. I have been here for 2 years.”

“I see.” Kelly nodded. That made a bit more sense. She sat back in her chair, pondering what to ask next. “So, what do you like about here that’s so different from Russia?”

Fiona sipped her drink and said, “Well, I like the environment and people over here it is better, Russia we don’t get friendly people.”

“Well, it’s quite cold in Russia, so…that could take the warmth out of people.” Kelly chuckled, shaking her head. “So does your family ever come to visit? Or do you go to Russia to visit?”

Fiona laughed and said, “I don’t go to Russia. They come to visit me, and I feel more comfortable when they come.”

“Very nice.” Kelly smiled with a nod but then frowned. “And do they know about the whole….Jacob situation?”

“Oh yes they know about the whole scenario with Jacob. They were so scared to loose me.”

“I can completely understand. Must be very frightening.” Kelly shook her head. “I’m glad you’re okay though…and your friends.” She smiled at Fiona then noticed the clock behind Fiona and saw the time. She frowned and looked back at Fiona. “Our time is almost up, so I will have to be going soon. However, before we go, another question: will Jacob be leaving you alone now? Or does he continue to show up on occasion?”

“Oh well, he will come back to me on occasion and will want to take all my friends though.”

“Well, stick together, and do whatever it is you have to do to get rid of him. I’m sorry you have such a problem. It’s unbelievable.” Kelly shook her head then sighed. “What do your friends think of that situation? Of Jacob? Are they angry with him? Scared of him?”

“They will kill him for sure. They wont leave him alone.”

“Interesting.” But how do you kill a ghost? Kelly wondered, but their time was up, so she sighed and rose to her feet. “Well, Fiona, unfortunately our time is up, and I have another obligation to attend. However, thank you for meeting with me and for answering all my questions. It was nice.” She smiled at her.

Fiona smiled back and said, “My pleasure, and have it was nice meeting you as well.”

Kelly smiled once more. “Have a wonderful day!” With that, she bowed her head to her and then headed out.


Rishika’s book ‘The Captured’ is now available on Amazon. Be sure to follow her on Facebook for more updates on her books.




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