Author Interview: Rishika

In this interview, I met with Rishika, who’s from India, and listened as she told me more about her MYSTERY/ROMANCE novel. ‘Kelly’ was written by me, Kelly Blanchard, and ‘Rishika’ was written by Rishika. 


Kelly stirred her hot chocolate as she sat at a table in the coffee shop, lost in thought. She’d had a long week so far, and her own writing was giving her trouble, so she was mentally trying to untangle the knot of her story.

Suddenly she heard someone clear their throat, and she jerked out of her thoughts and looked up to see a young woman standing there. Kelly completely dismissed all her pondering for another time and rose to her feet with a smile. “I’m sorry, I was in a different world, mentally. Are you Rishika? Please, have a sit.” She motioned to the chair across from her at the table and sat down too. “How are you doing today?”

“Hi Kelly, yes I am Rishika. I am doing great. How are you doing.”

Kelly smiled at Rishika. “I’m doing well. So tell me a bit about yourself. When did you first become interested in writing?”

“Well I am an English teacher for the past eight years.. I have done my child psychology. I always had an interest to write stories. Since I was in school.”

Kelly nodded. “Were you always writing? Or was there a moment when you suddenly decided to get serious about writing and publish a book?” She tilted her head to a side then picked up her hot chocolate to sip on it.

“I always used to write short stories. And then I thought after some time I want to write a book, which suddenly one day I did start to plan.”

Kelly smiled when she heard this. “Writing an actual book is much different than writing short stories. Which do you prefer to write? Novels or short stories?”

“I prefer writing an novel now a days.”

“I don’t blame you.” Kelly grinned at her. “I prefer writing novels over short stories too because it gives you the opportunity to really explore more. Now then,” she sat back in her chair, regarding Rishika, “you’ve published a book recently. What is it about?”

Rishika smiled at Kelly. “My book is about mystery/romance. Four friends and my main character, Fiona, falls in love with a guy who turns out to be bad, and dies with an accident. When suddenly he comes like a ghost for her and takes revenge against her.o Oh also Fiona friends protect her from the ghost named Jacob.” Rishika sips as glass of coke.

Kelly furrowed her brows when she heard this. “So…she falls in love with this guy, but he’s bad, and then he dies, and his ghost comes back for revenge…? Do I understand that correctly?” Then she leaned forward, setting her elbow on the table and her chin in the palm of her hand, very curious. “Why would he want revenge? Or can you not tell me because that’d be a spoiler?” She smiled at Riskika.

Rishika laughed. “Yes Kelly, you are correct. Well because she doesn’t want to marry him, and he used to hit her so badly.”

“He used to beat her up? I totally don’t blame her for not wanting to marry him.” Kelly shook her head then sat back in her chair. “So what gave you the idea for this story?”

Rishika laughs again and sips more coke. “Well I watched a lot of movies and the,n suddenly I got an idea about the book”

“So did the characters just jump out of nowhere and say ‘hey, write my story!’ or did you sit down and have to plan everything?” Kelly tilted her head to a side then reached for her drink again.

“Oh, the characters came to my mind when I started to write. Well I had to plan everything. The day I started to write this story for NaNoWriMo.” Rishika was happy.

“So you wrote this for NaNoWriMo?” Kelly lifted her brows, and a smile came to her face. “Which year? What it your first NaNo to participate in?”

Rishika smiled and said, “I wrote this in 2012, and I really enjoy doing NaNoWriMo every November.”

“NaNoWriMo is quite a fun challenge.” Kelly smiled, setting her drink on the table once more. “When did you first discover it? Was it in 2012?”

“Oh yes it is a fun challenge for me. Well I did the save date of this when I wrote my story.”

Kelly smiled. “That is fantastic! I’m glad you’ve participated in NaNo. Was it easy for you? Some people find it hard to reach the 50,000 word mark in 30 days.”

“Oh nooo. At first it was not, but I had the energy to sit and write this story day and night.”

“That’s good. It’s a lot of hard work, and you seemed to have accomplished what you set out to do by writing the book and publishing it, so great work with that!” Kelly gave Rishika a grin. “So, this book of yours, what is it called?”

Rishika frowned and said, “The book is called ‘The Captured’.”

Kelly furrowed her brows when she heard that. “And why is that the title?”

Rishika gave a confused look at Kelly. “Because I always had that title since I wrote the book, and my antagonist gave me a good title.”

“But is the main character held captive during the story? I mean, it’s a great title. I’m simply trying to understand how it fits the story.” Kelly gave Rishika an encouraging smile.

She smiled back and said, “That the main character is captured at last by the. End of the story.”

Kelly nodded slowly, still trying to understand. “The main character is captured at the end of the story?”

“Yes by the ghost Jacob.” She frowned

“I see.” Kelly nodded then furrowed her brows. “And is there going to be a sequel then? Will this be a series of books?”

“Oh yes it will be a sequel in the upcoming year.”

“Fantastic!” Kelly grinned at her. “And do you have that already planned out? Have you begun writing it yet? Or were you waiting to publish this book first?”

“I will be writing the next part soon, everything is planned out but still needs to do a lot of planning for the series.”

“Do you have any idea how long this series will be?” Kelly lifted her brows.

“Oh well it will be long more than 20.” She grinned.

“More than 20??” Kelly’s brows rose even higher in surprise, and then she smiled. “That’s amazing. Will it be surprising the same characters? Will the ghost issue be resolved? Or will the ghost be a character throughout the series?”

Rishika told Kelly, “Characters will be the same no changes at all. At the end the ghost thing will be solves out.”

Kelly nodded when she heard this. “Well, if this book is going to be over 20 books long, I hope the characters do evolve some because that’s just the natural way things happen, but I know you’ve got a good idea of how you’re doing this.” She smiled at Rishika. “Now, you said you’re an English teacher? Do your students know you’ve published a book?” She tilted her head to a side as she smiled, just imagining how proud those students must be to have a Published Author as their teacher.

She smiled and said, “Yes they know it will be published, and they are very keen to read it.” She smiled back and was on cloud nine

“That is wonderful. Good for you!” With another smile, Kelly then glimpsed at the clock on the wall and saw the time. She frowned and looked back at Rishika. “Our time is almost up. But is there anything you would like potential readers to know about you and your book?”

“I would like to tell all the readers to enjoy my book and have a great time reading it and hopefully will give them the another series book 2 soon. The Captured book 2 will be out soon by end of the year. Until then enjoy the book one with a smile on your faces.”

“I hope they enjoy it too! Now though, I need to get going. Have another meeting to attend. However, I hope you the best with the publication of this book, and may it do well.” Kelly smiled as she rose to her feet, grabbing her purse and slipping it onto her shoulder. “And good luck with writing of book two! Thank you for meeting with me and for answering all of my questions. I’ve enjoyed our time together!”

“Thanks a lot Kelly.”

“Have a good day!” With that, Kelly waved and smiled then headed out.


Rishika’s book ‘The Captured’ will soon be available. However, you can follow her on Facebook for more updates on her books.



2 thoughts on “Author Interview: Rishika

  1. I like your style of doing author interviews in the 3rd person, but I don’t think you’re trying very hard at creating and maintaining mental picture. When the author came in, there was no sense that she had a drink with her, but then suddenly she’s sipping on her hot chocolate. Let’s assume that was just a bit of info that was cut out at first, but later on the hot chocolate turns into a ‘glass of coke’. Really?


    • I completely understand the confusion. However, you must understand that these interviews are co-written. I only write the part pertaining to ‘Kelly’. I always tell the author that we write in third person, and I encourage them to include body language and little details, but sometimes they are so focused on the questions, they forget.


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