Character Interview: Yasmise Jameson’s Marisol

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Marisol was written by Yasmine Jameson.)

Marisol watched the door waiting for Kelly Blanchard to come into the diner.  The rest of the crew was already at the next table. They were meeting for an update on the case.  Louis did not want to talk until they were all here. And Darwin agreed.  Marisol said that she would join them after her interview with Kelly.  The baby started to chirp. She had a happy daughter.  Always smiling (probably gas) she was only a couple of weeks old.  She stared at the door and thought she saw Kelly come inside.  Then she looked at Abdul.  She was still mad at him this morning.  They had a fight prior to coming to the diner. They had been married for 10 years and it had been hard especially with Abdul in prison.  Ah yes it was Kelly Blanchard.  Marisol stood up and said loudly, “I am right here Kelly. I have a menu you can look at and order anything you want.  The studio covers the charge and so does the police department. “

Kelly smiled when Marisol greeted her, and she went over to the table. “Oh, I’m fine right now. Maybe I’ll get a little appetizer, but really I’m here to talk with her.” She grinned at Marisol and noticed the baby near her. “Your daughter? What’s her name?”

Marisol beamed at Kelly.  “Abdul and I named her Mayra.  She is a beauty isn’t she? The food here is good. I recommend the home fries instead of the eggs.”

“Sounds like a plan.” When a waiter came, Kelly ordered the home fries and then focused on Marisol once more. “So you’re married to Abdul? How did you two meet?”

As she sips her vanilla shake, Marisol thought on how they met.  She said, “I met Abdul when I was friends with Darwin. I had been having some legal problems and Darwin was the paralegal at the time.  Part time as an intern.  It was part of her community service deal.  Anyway, she was dating Darius at the time. They took me out to dinner and introduced me to this fine tall black man.  And that was my Abdul.  We started to talk on the telephone and graduated to actual in person dating and then we ended up getting married in secret. I wasn’t pregnant but he was going to prison.  So we decided to get married before he went in. Now we have our little one”

“Very interesting.” Kelly smiled at little Mayra once more before shifting her gaze to Marisol. She knew what she wanted to ask next, but suspected it would be a sensitive topic, so Kelly approached it with care. “But what happened? Why was he sent to prison?”

She shook her head and smiled sadly at Kelly. “Kelly, the stupid man got in trouble.  And yes, I call him stupid for that. Because he is friends with some people who are into drugs.. He thought he could help them out and acted a courier to transport money with an armored truck. The truck got stopped and robbed on the way somehow.   He wouldn’t say that he knew the guy who did it. They got Abdul; on the charge of  drugs on him. 

Kelly shook her head when she heard this. “Well, at least you’re upfront with him and don’t mind calling him out on it.” She smiled at Marisol then saw the waiter bringing her fries, so she sat back and thanked him then tried the food. She nodded at Marisol. “This is really good! Anyway, back to the questions, so I hear he’s out of jail now and is back with the band. Tell me about this band. I don’t know anything about it.”

Marisol cracked up.  She said, “The band is as old as the members almost. They started singing in junior high. A little group at school for events and school dances.  Then moved on to contests and eventually a record deal in high school.  They did it through college. The band is made up of friends, Abdul, Marquis, Marcus, Lou, John and Darnell. They have been friends forever.  The broke up soon after college ended, say a couple of years because of problems of the individual members. And also Abdul went to prison. He was their song writer.  No one else at the time was writing. They all write now. It is how they make their money. The band is at the next table over. Do you want to meet them and the crew, Kelly? I believe Darwin just came in with the girls.”

Kelly raised her hand, shaking her head. “Maybe once we finish here. Otherwise we’ll get sidetracked from the original purpose of our meeting.” She smiled at Marisol. “Now though, you said they broke up, but…obviously they’re back together again.” She motioned to the band. “What brought them back together?”

Marisol tilted her head and thought.  She stayed that way for awhile and the she spoke softly.  ” I think they wanted a comeback album.  And so did Abdul. He wanted to have the band sing his songs and help move his career. He is currently writing songs for a couple of new artists. Not well known. “He got an opportunity to work with a friend out of college who works with the likes of Joe, Sananda and Dr. Dre’s proteges.  So he sent to Marc and Joe a couple of songs that he wrote for the band.  Marc approached Louis and asked him to listen because he knew that they spoke.  Louis said that they were the songs that Abdul had told him about.  They are excellent for the band.  When asked if he could work with and the band could work with him Louis thought and said it might not be a problem.  Approach the band. So he did and now they are working. Sad about the break in and the attack on Marc.  Plus the new single got stolen. “

Kelly furrowed her brows and leaned forward, setting her elbow on the table and her chin in the palm of her hand. “What happened exactly?”

Marisol said, “Well, Kelly, I don’t know what happened.”  She sighed. “I know that Marc was in the studio by himself.  And he had locked up the building when the assailants came into studio and knocked him and stabbed him with a knife.” She stopped and thought for a while.  “All we knew at the time was that Marc had been stabbed.  Then we found out that the single had been stolen. ” “All of sudden the police and Darwin appear. Darwin is their go to for private investigation.  I don’t really like Darwin because she has always been my friend-nemesis.  You have one of those, Kelly?  But I wouldn’t have another person do this investigation. She will treat Abdul fairly. The police have already been around to question him.  It was hard during my pregnancy.”

Kelly nodded when she heard this, but she tilted her head to a side. “So what’s the story between you and Darwin?”

“OH my God, let me tell you.  Darwin and I have a love hate relationship.  I told you I met Abdul through Darwin right?  At the time she was with Darius and I didn’t know that. I thought she had eyes for Abdul but she didn’t.  And he wasn’t my type either.  He was not tall and light skin and built. He was tall but dark skin, skinny and scrawny.”  She looks to the other table and sighs, “Look at him now. Prison huh?”  Marisol thought some more. Then Marisol continues on and says, “When I first the met the band  they had a practice of investigating the girlfriends. So  Darwin got me into trouble big trouble while she did that.  I didn’t appreciate that and had a lot of questions to answer at home and at work. Needless to say I wasn’t friendly to afterwards. But she is an excellent investigator. And she actually did help me out of a situation during the investigation with an abusive boyfriend. Like I said, she got me in a lot of trouble.  Don’t ever get involved with an abuser.  I was about to leave him when I met Abdul.  Back to Darwin, I wouldn’t have any other person/persons of than Darwin and the girls do this investigation.”

Kelly nodded when she heard this. “Wow, quite interesting! You two certainly have a lot of background together, but you trust her with this investigation? Why?” She raised her brows.

“You would think I would not trust her right?”

Kelly shrugged. “Well…let you said, she got you into a lot of trouble. It’s hard to trust someone who’s done that to you.”

Thinking before she answered, Marisol finally said, “I do trust her because if it wasn’t for her, I might still be involved with that abusive boyfriend.  She got my mother and my friends together to get me into a program that wouldn’t allow him near me. I got housing, a new job, a permanent restraining order, and Abdul.  My mother and family stopped worrying. My health got better.  And I gained a network of friends that helped me out.  Thats the love. The hate comes in because she puts me through hell in the process.  And Abdul and I have been through that for so long. We just want to not have it anymore. We just lost Abdul’s Mom and had a baby. We would like some time and peace.”

Kelly nodded her understanding. “It’s an interesting friendship, that’s for sure.” Then she paused and tilted her head to a side. “You mentioned your mother. I understand there’s tension between you and her, and even maybe between you and Abdul’s mother?” She furrowed her brows. “I’m not sure what the facts are, but what’s that all about?”

“Well you know mothers never good enough for her son.I am always lacking.  When she died, we were arguing the three of us about the baby and responsibility. My mother on the other hand, is worried of a repeat because Abdul has a temper.  But he has never ever hit me and he never will.  And Kelly I don’t doubt that. I have seen him put a fist through a wall and I have seen him bend metal when he is angry; we been in the hospital to because of that; but he will never hurt me.”

“I hope you’re right.” Kelly shook her head, hating the thought of Marisol getting hurt. “Have you, by any chance, taken some kind of self-defense classes though? Never hurts.”

She mimicked kung fu at the table and upset the baby. Mayra starts to cry. she quickly picked her up to settle her down. “I have as of this weekend a brown belt in karate. However they made me register as a lethal weapon because of a fight I had prior to my pregnancy. But now that I am not pregnant I can finish my program. All I needed was to be awarded my brown belt.  I can do that this Saturday.”

Kelly smiled at her. “Good for you! How’s that experience been?” She watched as Marisol calmed down the baby.

“Karate? I liked it. It kept me in shape and it also kept me focused.  It taught me how to control my anger. It helped with work and this situation. I get so mad at the guys because they don’t see the risks to themselves.  And I hate that.”  She started to rock Mayra because she was still fussy. Then she called over Abdul. She said to Kelly, “I am sorry I breastfeed her.  I brought bottles today so we wouldn’t disturb the interview.  I will be right back. I just have to set them up.”

“Sure thing.” Kelly nodded and let her do what she had to do. While waiting, she continued eating the fries.

Marisol and Abdul walked away towards the back booth. She set him up with the baby  and stayed for a bit to make sure she took the bottle. Then she walked back to the booth with Kelly.  Sitting down she said, ” I am so sorry for that.”

“No problem at all.” Kelly reassured her with a smile. “So, I have to ask, how’s life as a mother? Is it what you expected?”

“I love being a mother Kelly. It is the most rewarding experience in the world.  Mayra is growing and she is healthy despite the multiple problems i had during the pregnancy.  She is also the reason I get up in the morning and not mind Abdul’s bad mood or my problems.”

“What’s up with Abdul’s bad moods anyway?” Kelly jutted her chin toward Abdul. “I mean, I understand his friend’s been attacked and such, but…it sounds like it’s more than just that.” She shifted her eyes back to Marisol.

“He is worried about us. About the theft. They are looking at him as if he is the responsible party because it came soon as he brought the single. And his old cronies (translation-criminal friends) also started hanging around the studio more often. So he gets mad at the police. He started boxing to get rid of his anger. “

“That’s one way to deal with the anger.” Kelly nodded. “And his anger does seem quite reasonable. Things sound shady for sure.” Then she paused and happened to catch a glimpse of the clock on the wall and sighed. “Well, Marisol, our time’s almost up. It’s been two hours already, can you believe it?” She shook her head. “But before I go, tell me, what are your hopes for the future? For your daughter, for the band, for yourself, for Abdul?”

Abdul brought the baby back to the booth and gave her to Marisol.  She started to go to sleep so the band didn’t want her over there.  She took the baby and responded to Kelly’s question. “My daughter is the most important  person outside of Abdul and my family as of right now.  Our hopes are the same for the future.  My hope for my daughter is that she grows and develops into a beautiful women with a brain. It is important to have a brain. That she is able to take care of herself and won’t get into legal trouble.  My hopes for the band is that we find out who did this and Abdul is absolved of all the suspicion.  For myself and Abdul, we want to just raise our baby and live our lives in peace. “

Kelly smiled when she heard this. “Well, I hope all those come true, and I hope you the very best. Now though, it’s time for me to leave.” She rose to her feet. “Thank you for meeting with me. I’ve quite enjoyed this conversation!”

Marisol stood up and pushed the baby to the side and promptly got a finger up her nose.  So she pulled the baby’s to her nose and washed off her finger and hand. And then shook Kelly’s hand.  She said “Thank you for the interview.”

She shook her hand. “My pleasure. You take care!” With that and a final smile, Kelly headed out the door.


Yasmine Jameson’s story, ‘Dreaming:  A Music Mystery’ is not yet released, but follow her on social media for more updates!






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