Author Interview: Caroline Centa

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Caroline was written by Caroline Centa.)

With the hustle and bustle of New York City, Kelly was relieved to step inside the quiet confines of a coffee shop. She supposed at the earlier hours of the day it would have been a stressful place, but at this afternoon hour, it was calm, and Kelly preferred that. She went to the counter, ordered a drink, and once it was given to her, she went to a table near the window and sat down facing the door. For now, she would wait until her guest arrived, but she could look out the window and watch people in the meanwhile.

Caroline entered the coffee shop, looking at her watch as she did so. She was running a little late and hoped Kelly didn’t mind. She looked around the room. There were a few people having their afternoon tea, but the place had a nice feel to it. Caroline noticed Kelly and strode over to her table. “Good afternoon! Sorry I am a little late. I’m a bit ditsy like that.” Caroline put her belongings down next to the floor. “I’ll just go and order myself a cup of tea.”

“Go ahead. No problem at all.” Kelly rose to her feet, shook Caroline’s hand and smiled with a nod then watched as Caroline went to order her drink. Soon she returned with drink in hand and took a seat across from Kelly, and Kelly took the opportunity to ask, “So, tell me about yourself. When did you first begin writing?”

“Um… I don’t really know when exactly I did. If I think back I have been writing for most of my life. I wrote my first complete story when I was twelve. I wrote it for my uncle. But then I have a lot of unfinished work between then and now. I really got into writing about four of five years ago. That’s when I found my passion. I was looking for it at that time.” Caroline took a sip of her peppermint tea and shuffled in her seat to get more comfortable. “My life has fallen into place since then.”

“What sparked it though?” Kelly tilted her head to a side. “You said your life had fallen into place by then, but how?”

“Oh I was feeling flat and was looking for my passion. I felt as though I was drifting in circles. I had some personal family stuff come up which caused me to question my direction in life. I found a new friend then and we got to talking about spirituality. That was where I thought my passion lay and so I was really enjoying my time talking to him. He was my muse.” Caroline closed her eyes and sighed. “I began writing to express our relationship and it took off from there.  I was surprised where the writing took me. The story wrote itself and I felt like I was reading the book, rather than writing it.”

Kelly smiled. “Ah, so you found your muse, eh? That’s fabulous.” She nodded when she heard this. “So, what sort of things do you write? A specific genre?”

“When I was writing I had no idea what genre it was.  That book was Daughter of Hell, the novel I released earlier this year.” Caroline returned the smile. “After I finished it, I decided it best fit in the Paranormal Fiction genre, although I think it could fit in Spiritual Fiction too.” Caroline laughed, “Is that even a genre, or did I make it up?” She shook her head and continued. “Most of my stuff is probably Paranormal Fiction.”

Kelly shrugged. “I’m sure that could be a genre.” She smiled but then sat back in her chair. “So, which story of yours would you like to discuss? I’d love to hear all about all of them, but only have time for one.”

“How about Daughter of Hell? That’s where it all started.”

Kelly nodded. “Sounds good! What is this story about?” She tilted her head to a side with a smile, curious to hear this tale.

Caroline smiled and took another sip of her tea, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand afterward.  She then leaned back in the chair and crossed her legs. “It’s about a girl who is seeking connection to the astral world. In her quest, she meets a guy, Caeden, and he shows her the way; he’s been to the astral and knows how to get there.” Caroline flicked Kelly a grin. “When she gets there, she discovers that she is the daughter of Lilith, the demon, and married to the Archangel – Michael. She also finds out that she, along with her friends, are part of a prophecy to kill Lilith and restore balance to the world.”

“Wait, wait, she finds out she’s the daughter of the demon and that she’s married to Michael?” Kelly furrowed her brows, confused. “How did she not know she was married to him?”

Caroline gave a little chuckle. “She’d never been to the astral.  Not in that life anyway.  When you’re born in this life, your astral memories are suppressed – at least until you re-access the astral. It wasn’t until she gained this access that her memories of the astral returned.  Although they didn’t come back straight away.”

Kelly just stared at Caroline, trying to imagine what that realization would have been like. “Wow, I’m sure she was shocked when that happened. Michael knew all this time, right? I mean…so there are many questions I have! I don’t know where to start!” Kelly chuckled, leaning forward, resting her forearms on the table. “How is this even possible? Tell me more.”

Caroline returned the stance, leaning on the opposite side of the table. “Well, the astral is kind of like the place of the afterlife. It’s where all the gods, demons, angels and other mystical beings reside, including the humans between their…” Caroline shrugged, “human lives?” Caroline sat back up. “Daughter of Hell is pretty much based on the premise of reincarnation, the belief of multiple lives and the astral is where we live, if we’re not living one of those lives.  So the girl was still alive in the physical, or should I say Earthly, plane, but would travel via meditation to the astral world – which is where Michael and Lilith and most of the other characters lived. Yes. Michael knew this all the time. He’s an archangel – God’s right hand man.” Caroline grinned.

“Mindblowing.” Kelly shook her head with a grin. “So, what’s the journey of the story? I mean, it’s about…this girl—what’s her name? She makes this discovery, but then what?”

“Her name?  I can’t tell you that,” Caroline laughed.

“Seriously? Does she even have a name? How do the readers identify her then?” Kelly raised her brows.

“No. I don’t name her the entire story.  That’s why it’s written in both first and third person points of view;  I broke some conventions writing the story. I mostly refer to her as the girl. It was difficult at times, as she’s not the only girl in the story so I had to be careful using the ‘she did this’ type statements to make sure I wasn’t creating too much confusion. There was a reason I didn’t name her though.  Although tell you the reason would probably quantify as a spoiler.”

“Oh fine, okay, no spoilers.” Kelly crossed her arms as if disappointed, but then smiled to show that she was fine with this. “I must say, this idea of not naming a character throughout the story is very unique. What gave you that idea?”

“I think it was because the writing started as my thoughts and I didn’t feel the need to name her. When it began to take its own form and the characters evolved into their own beings I thought it would be something different if I could give the opportunity for the reader to possibly put themselves into that character.  By the end, the reason was obvious, though.  I did tell you the story wrote itself, right?” Caroline grinned.

Kelly nodded with a smile. “That is quite fascinating!” Then her phone chimed, and she paused to look at it then looked back at Caroline. “My alarm clock—telling me our time is almost up.” She shook her head. “Time always flies in these interviews! Ugh!” But she decided to make the most of it. “But a few more questions if I may.” She smiled at Caroline. “What’s the one most important thing writing this story has taught you? If anything. It could be about writing, about life, about relationships, or anything.”

Caroline’s eyes widened as she looked at her watch. “That went quick! Right. I think the most important thing I learned is to trust your instincts. You don’t need to stop check every second to make sure you’re adhering to standards. Sometimes it’s important just to do things as you feel their right – whether that be writing, relationships, following your dreams…” Caroline sighed. “If you always try to fit into standards, you will lose that special bit that makes you stand out from the crowds.”

Kelly nodded as she mused over this. “Is that what you want your readers to take from this story? Or is there something else?”

“Hrmm…” Caroline looked up at the ceiling in thought “I’m not sure that comes through in the story. I got it from writing it, but…” she paused for a moment. “I think I’d like the readers to get hope from the story. That there’s more out there than their lives here on Earth. And that relationships are not always as they seem.”

“Well, I hope they get that from the story as well. However, it is time to leave unfortunately.” Kelly sighed as she rose to her feet, grabbing her things, but she smiled at Caroline. “However, I’ve greatly enjoyed this chat! Thanks so much for talking with me and telling me all about this.”

“Thank you very much for the interview. I can’t believe how quick the time goes when your having fun!” Caroline stood and shook Kelly’s hand. “Enjoy the rest of your day.”

“You too! Take care!” Kelly smiled, shaking Caroline’s hand. Then she headed out the door.


Caroline Centa’s novel, Daughter of Hell, is scheduled to be released SOON, November 7th! Follow her on social media for updates.


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