Author Interview: C. A. King

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Carol was written by C.A. King .)

An ocean gale rushed across the surface of the waves and crashed into the cliff, pushing its way up to the top, and Kelly closed her eyes against it as she stood atop the cliff near a railing looking across the beautiful tropical island. Absolutely breathtaking here. She loved her job. It always took her to exotic places.

A personal server approached her, motioning for her to come to the bistro table under a gazebo near the edge of the cliff. It was set aside from the rest of the restaurant and offered privacy, and as Kelly drew near, she saw a tray of fresh fruits had been provided. “Thank you,” she told the server.

“Drink, madam?”

“Water would be fine for me, but I believe my guest will prefer tea—ice or hot, whichever you have.” Kelly took a seat.

“Of course.” And the server left.

Kelly sighed, taking in the view once more, and waited for her visitor to arrive.

The walk up to hill was a bit harder than Carol Ann King had thought it would be. At the rate she was climbing she would be late for sure. Picking up the pace was an option. An option, that is, if she wanted to appear completely out of breath and in bad shape. There were already drips of perspiration sliding down her face.  She stopped for a moment to take out a scrunchie and tie her hair back in a loose ponytail. “Onwards,” she thought..

The top steps felt better than she had imagined. A light breeze caressed her body drying some of the wetness from the climb. What a beautiful sight. The table was set perfectly to overlook the ocean. “Hello. Sorry if I am a bit late.”

Kelly smiled as she rose to her feet to greet Carol, stretching out her hand to shake hers. “No problem at all. Actually, I just got here a minute or so ago, so you’re not really late. Please, have a seat.” Kelly motioned to the table. “How are you today?”

“I’m good,” Carol answered. That was at least a part truth. No need to bring up any mention of the struggle to get up there. “It’s a beautiful view.”

That it is. You mentioned you wanted a bistro table for two set a top a cliff overlooking the ocean on a tropical island, so here it is.” Kelly motioned to the ocean then pushed a plate a fresh fruit toward Carol. “And there is this too. Our drinks should be coming soon. But anyway, tell me about yourself, Carol. What is it that you do? Are you a full-time writer? Or do you have a separate occupation?”

“I am a full time writer…now. I was a legal assistant for a really long time. Then tragedy hit.”                                                                                                                                

The attendant arrived and placed the cold drinks on the table. Carol thanked the man then took a long sip. “That’s better,” she said. “What was I saying? Oh, yes, I remember. I lost my mother to a heart attack. A couple days after her funeral my husband was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. He passed away a year later. Three months after that, my father was diagnosed with stage four bladder cancer. He passed away almost exactly a year later. There was a lot of home care involved. I took some time off shortly after that. That’s when I started writing.”

Kelly shook her head when she heard all this. “Wow. That’s quite a lot. I’m sorry for your loss, but did you find that writing helped you through this time of tragedy?”

Carol took another mouthful of her drink. Setting the glass down, her fingers traced a drop of water running down its side. She smiled. “Even when I was doing 24/7 in home care for my father, I had a few resting times where I could close my eyes and be whisked away to another world. A place where it was happy. Daydreaming is a powerful thing. It helped me escape some of the everyday pressures. Then, it hit me. If these worlds I created helped me maybe they could help someone else too. Mind if we take a look over the cliff?”

“Sure thing.” Kelly nodded and rose to her feet, so they could move closer to the railing at the edge of the cliff. Wind from the ocean brushed against them, but Kelly turned to look at Carol. “Had you never written before as a child?”

Carol smiled. A congregation of jellyfish swarmed the water directly beneath them. “More as a teenager. I took far too many English courses in high school. That was mainly because I could write anything and do well. Very little studying was required. I was the girl who could write a book report in an hour without reading the book and still get an A.” She laughed. “I enjoyed reading but there were a few times that came in handy.”

“But then reality hit, and you got busy until tragedy struck?” Kelly lifted her brows, wondering if that had been the case for her. Unfortunately life had a way of doing that, but the main point here was that Carol found her way back to writing.

“Well, to be honest,” she said. “I never considered writing as a way of life. I chose Child Psychology as a major for University, while working part time as a legal assistant. Then my position was secure so I ended up full time. Then came kids.”  She leaned further over the railing to catch a better glimpse of the sea creatures. A gust of wind blew her backwards. Stumbling a few steps, she regained her footing and laughed. “Good thing it wasn’t blowing the other way!”

Kelly chuckled. “Careful! I haven’t lost an interviewee yet!” But she had to brace herself against the wind too. “So, tell me about your writing. What story would you like to tell me about?”

“Perhaps we should move back to the table. The wind is really picking up.” Carol said. The two walked back to the waiter, the wind propelling them a bit faster than they would have normally walked. Taking a seat, she continued, “It’s one story really, but written in a series called ‘The Portal Prophecies.’ She was happy to see new drinks arrive. The wind had dried her mouth completely. Even talking felt awkward.

Kelly took her seat once more, accepted the drink, and drank then nodded at Carol. “I like the title. Sounds intriguing for sure, but what’s the story about?”

Carol placed her glass down on the table, empty. She had downed the whole thing in a mere few seconds. Motioning to the attendant, she politely asked for a refill. “It’s a fantasy series that revolves around a group of teens, who are destined to save the world and all it’s realms. Unfortunately in the beginning they have no clue who they are, what powers they possess, or what they are doing. They are thrown into chaos and have no choice but to move forward. All they have to help them is a book of prophecies (called The Portal Prophecies). The predictions, however, don’t appear to be in any order and all read like riddles. They have to solve them. Each book is a different prophecy.” She took in a big breath of air. “Sorry that was long winded. I get excited explaining it sometimes.

Kelly was silent as she listened and took all this in. She nodded, “Sounds like they were thrown into a whirlwind of trouble, and they have no guide at all except for the book of prophecies?” She furrowed her brows as she tilted her head. “How did they get that book in the first place?”

Carol nodded her head. “Exactly!” she exclaimed. “The book is it. I hate spoilers, but I will tell you that finding the book is part of a path of discovery. It was put together by people from their realm’s past before they left to fight a war in another world.” She pressed a finger against her lips and scrunched up her nose. “I should mention that as they come of age, everyone in their realm also comes into some form of magic ability. There are a lot of different types of magic in the series that I think everyone can enjoy.”

“One other thing I would like to mention, These are young adult novels. No swearing and if you are looking for erotica you are in  the wrong place. My books are more like fifty shades of blushing.”

“Well, that’s quite unique. I like it!” Kelly grinned then happened to look at her watch and frowned. “Ugh, it’s been an hour already? Really??” She wagged her head and looked at Carol. “Our time’s up unfortunately, but before we go, what inspired this specific idea for you?”

Carol sighed. An hour had passed so fast. This had been so much fun, she didn’t want to stop. “I don’t know,” she replied. “It was just one of the worlds I daydream about visiting. I watch what they do and really know every character well. Thank you for your time. This has been a really fun afternoon!”

“Keep me updated on your endeavors! Sorry we have to draw this to a close. Time tends to fly here.” Kelly shook her head and rose to her feet, but she smiled once more at Carol. “I enjoyed this, enjoyed talking with you and hearing about your journey as a writer. I hope you the very best! Have a wonderful rest of the day!” She smiled brightly.


C.A. King’s novel, ‘The Portal Prophecies: A Keeper’s Destiny’ is available online. Be sure to follow her on social media for updates!











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