Author Interview: Enigmaticma

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard.  Enigmaticma was written by Enigmaticma.) 

Kelly entered the bookstore and inhaled deeply with a smile on her face. She loved the smell of books, but this place also had a coffee shop in the back, and that was where she meandered through the maze of bookshelves to go. Even at the coffee shop, books lined the walls and framed the windows. Such a nice, warm atmosphere.

Kelly drew near to the counter, ordered some hot chocolate, and after a moment, she got her order and found herself to a small table in a corner with her back toward shelves of books near a window while she face the entrance of the shop, waiting for her guest to arrive. In the meanwhile, she sipped her drink and watched people.

After a few minutes of watching people, Kelly saw a woman walk in and go up to the counter to order a drink and then look around the table as if looking for someone. Kelly locked eyes with her and smiled with a nod, and once the woman got her drink, she came on over, and Kelly rose to her feet to greet her. “You must be Enigmaticm? I’m Kelly Blanchard. It’s nice to meet you. Please, have a seat. How are you today?”

“Nice to meet you as well. I am fine, thank you and you?” Enigmaticm offered a nervous smile as she shook hands with Kelly. Her cheeks burned in embarrassment as she wondered if she spoke correctly. It was her first interview. “So, shall we start?” She almost choked in her saliva, sensing her tone a little more eager than it was supposed to sound.

“Certainly.” Kelly offered her a warm smile to ease her nerves as they sat down. “So, Enigmaticm, tell me a bit about yourself. I know you’re a writer, but I always like to ask people what other occupation they may have in real life—unless you’re blessed with being a full-time writer.”

Enigmaticm chuckled. “It seems like I’m truly blessed.” She looked down her cup, wrapping her fingers around it. “I used to be a metrologist, but I left it. It was more stressful than I ever imagined.” She tried to smile. “I’m jobless for now. You can even say I’m a full time writer now, since it’s all I do. but, I craft my way to pay my bills.” She looked up, to observing the books by their side. “I love bookstores, so I go to many in order to wind up my mind.”

Kelly smiled. “Bookstores have quite a captivating charm to them, don’t they?” She glimpsed around too for a moment before focusing on Enigmaticm once more. “So, have you always been a writer? Or has that been something you’ve become more serious about recently?”

Enigmaticm inhaled slowly. “I used to write before my parents divorced. A poem here, a small story there, but never a 10K words worth story. It was after ten years, after the divorce, that I wrote. the first story didn’t make sense for me. It was full of sadness, and I deleted it. The second one was as sad, but it was beautiful, according to my readers, so I didn’t want to take it off.” She looked at Kelly, sensing the confusion. “I publish most of my stories online.” The bookstore suddenly became quieter and Enigmaticm seemed more relaxed. “It was in French, by the way. The first English story was written two years after that. It was a disaster but people encouraged me to keep it, so I kept it. I ended it in two years.”

“So writing helped you through that difficult time of your parents’ divorce? I’m glad you had writing to turn to at that time, but I’m sorry you had to go through that. At least your readers have been supportive of you.” Kelly gave her an encouraging smile then sat back in her chair. “So, tell me about one of your stories—any one. I’d love to hear what you write about!”

Enigmaticm blushed. “Oh. One of them.” Her mind buzzed, because she didn’t know which to talk about. “My most successful story is a story I named simple life. It had a silly version, which was more successful than the logic one. It spoke about a girl that I named Raja, who could have premonition dreams about a certain superstar. At first it truly didn’t make sense to her, but suddenly, he committed suicide in her dream and everything went upside down.”

“In her dream, this superstar committed suicide?” Kelly furrowed her brows, confused a little, then leaned forward, folding her arms on the table as she was intrigued by this story. “So…does she wake up and try to warn this person, or what?

Enigmaticm chuckled. “The idea is kind of good, right? But the development was depressing. Honestly, they met, they fell in love, but they pushed each other until the end. There was only struggles, tears and pain.” Frowning, Enigmaticm tilted her head. “I wonder if it wasn’t caused by the pain I lived back then.”

“Well, it makes sense.” Kelly nodded. “Writing is a form of expression, and you were expressing your pain through it, but to be honest, it does make for a better story. Anyone can write about two people meeting, falling in love, and having ‘happy ever after’, but…unfortunately, that’s not reality, and I think that’s what your story captures, which is good.” Kelly smiled. “Is there a character you can relate to most in the story?”

Enigmaticm didn’t need time to think, she knew that story by hand even if it has been ten years since she finished it. “I relate to the main hero’s friend. His family is divorced too, and the hero was like a patch that pulled him together and glued all his missing pieces; in fact, the whole suicide thing was caused because the hero and his best friend got into a fight due to an extreme misunderstanding.” Enigmaticm chuckled again. “I think that if I was him, I wouldn’t push the misunderstanding until it reaches this point but I’m not that lucky.”

“Did this help you understand your own situation in real life?” Kelly raised her brows. “Help you see things from a different perspective?”

Enigmaticm paused. She didn’t think of that. “I don’t know. Honestly, his personality is similar to mine, but the emotions I lived were those I gave to Raja. She suffered everything I suffered. She wasn’t pretty, she wasn’t perfect, but she was there and he loved her for being supportive, for listening.” Enigmaticm blinked. “I probably draw a man I wished to meet. the hero wasn’t perfect either, but what was perfect about him was that he loved her with her flaws.” She pulled her cup and sipped slowly, as her mind was thinking it over and over. “I don’t think that the story was what made me see things in different perspective but the fact that I did put the story into two versions, I gave myself alternatives, and I saw that it didn’t made sense to have the same pattern in life.” Her brows rose. “It definitely made me think twice before making any decision.”

“And that’s good. Never forget that.” Kelly smiled at her warmly. “Now, you mentioned you published your work online, but have you published any in physical form? If not, are you planning on doing so? Because your writing sounds like it has much potential.”

Enigmaticm blushed madly. “I still have a long way ahead of me.” She smiled. “I may publish a book or two soon, but it is kind of scary to think of it. I planned an anti-bullying series of stories too, but it is kind of harder than I thought.”

“What’s harder? Publishing? Or writing a series on anti-bullying” Kelly furrowed her brows as she tilted her head to a side.

Enigmaticm smiled. “Finding a new story every single time, to make a set of new characters and new decor for every book. My stories are mostly restricted to indoors, coffee shops, and sometimes gardens.” She admitted as she looked down to her cup. “Getting a new setting is challenging for me, because I get inspired from dreams, and artworks. So aside from the dialogue and the actions, everything is gray and blurry in my mind. Also, my characters are similar, most of the time.” She admitted. “It is like I took the same character and gave it a new life and a new chance to make a new set of mistakes.” it made her laugh.

“Well, since you know that, you can make it a point to challenge yourself with new settings or so. Regardless, I’m sure you will do quite well although it may be difficult at first. All good things are challenging at the beginning but always worth it.” Then Kelly’s phone chimed, and she looked at it and frowned. “Alarm clock. Telling me our time’s about up.” She gave Enigmaticm an apologetic look. “Unfortunately I have other places to be, but I’ve really enjoyed this chat. Thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me and telling me about yourself and your stories.” She rose to her feet and smiled. “I really can’t wait to meet whichever character you’ll have me interview.”

Enigmaticm stood, blushing, and holding Kelly’s offered hand. “You better be ready.”  Enigmaticm laughed, embarrassed. “It was a pleasure. Thank you for your time.”

Kelly shook Enigmaticm’s hand. “I can’t wait! You take care and have a wonderful day. Get back to writing.” With one final smile, she gathered her things, waved once more at Enigmaticm, and then headed out, wondering which character of Enigmaticm’s she’d meet. She was certain it’d be an interesting interview so sure.


Enigmaticma’s novel, The Courageous Fangs, is set to be released in December 2016.



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