Author Interview: Molly H. Darcey

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Molly was written by Molly H. Darcey.)

The library of Cuskelom—ah, Kelly hadn’t been here for a while, and it was so nice to come visit. She smiled as she stepped into the impressive dome room and took in the sight and smell of all the books lining the walls and the shelves while sunbeams came through the narrow windows in the walls. She could spend forever in here! However, Kelly hadn’t come here just to visit, and the sound of approaching footsteps heralded her reason for being here.

Kelly turned to face the door as Heldon ushered in her guest, and Kelly smiled at her and thanked Heldon with a nod. As he left, Kelly approached her visitor. “Molly, a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to Cuskelom—a fictional world of mine. That was Prince Heldon who escorted you. He’s a nice fellow. I hope all this is to your liking. You’re welcome to explore.” Kelly gestured to their surroundings. “How are you doing today?”

Molly looked around with huge eyes taking in all the books.  “He was very nice, thank you. I am doing well.  Excited to be here.”

Kelly smiled and motioned to a sitting area of the library. “Come. We can sit.” She led the way over. “So, Molly, tell me about yourself.” Kelly sat. “What do you do in real life?”

“I am a communication intervener,. I help people who are Deaf and blind, learn how to communicate better, they are all school aged.”

“That’s amazing!” Kelly smiled, motioning for Molly to sit as well. “It’s a whole different culture there, and most people don’t realize it at all.” She shook her head, recalling all her classes of ASL and interpreting long ago. But then she focused on Molly once more. “How did you get into that?”

Molly sat down and sank into the immense cushions. “I used to be a respite worker, and had to quit for health reasons. I am fluent in ASL and when I heard they were looking for subs for interveners I applied and here I am.”

“That’s wonderful.” Kelly smiled. “Now though, how does your writing fit into all this? Or is it entirely separate?” She raised her brows.

Molly laughed, “I do write, it happens more in the evenings now. Since I get off of work around 4.  So it is totally separate. I do get ideas at work, but not sure how that will play out with my current WIP, since I am currently editing, promised someone I would get my book out by next Feb.”

“Before we get into what you’re working on publishing, tell me a bit of your past as a writer.” Kelly scooted back in her seat to get more comfortable in order to listen to Molly’s tale. “When did you start writing, and what made you get serious about it?”

Molly scrunched her eyebrows, trying to think of the first time she started writing. “It must have been when I was about four, of course it was picture books I was doing then, and unfortunately I still can’t draw. My first story I really remember writing was about a killer robot cat. I must have been about eight. My eighth grade English teacher, had us write a poem, she loved mine, so much that she read it a lot to the class.  That is what gave me the idea that I could do this. Though with school and moving, I really didn’t get serious with writing until about six years ago, when I found out about NaNo or National Novel Writing Month.”

“Ah, NaNo is fantastic!” Kelly grinned at Molly. “And what is it that you write? You mentioned you’re editing a book and hope to have it published by next Feb. What is it about?”

Molly’s eyes lit up talking about her book and the process. “I wrote this novel called ‘Passenger 642’ five years ago, in fourteen days during NaNo. I gave it to my now husband the second of Dec. Never looked at it after that.  The book is about a family that gets separated by the Titanic sinking.  Only half of the family make it onto the ship. They had two cars, and one car has problems and they are delayed. Ok, let me clarify, I didn’t look at it after that NaNo, just gave it to him to read. I have looked at it after he returned it. Only one person survives the sinking, so the book is what happens to that person and the family left behind.”

“So…this family is split because one car has car problems and doesn’t make it to the ship, and then Titanic sinks, and that single person from the other part of the family survives…do I have that right?” Kelly lifted her brows, trying to make sure she understood correctly. “And does that person know the other half of the family never made it to the ship?”

Molly leaned forward, excited that Kelly understood. “Yes, they do, but they are so young, that I don’t think it really dawns on them, that the rest of the family isn’t there. The survivor is only a three at the time.”

“I see…” Kelly nodded, scooting to the edge of her seat and leaning forward. “So the story follows that character, or does it hop back and forth to the other part of the family? And I’m assuming that part of the family assumes the other entire other half died in the sinking, right? Or what exactly?” She furrowed her brows quite curious now.

Molly laughed and leaned back into the cushions with a little smirk ” I will tell you it jumps back and forth, and that is it.  If I tell you more, you won’t want to buy it. Have to keep the suspense.  I am excited to have this come out, but I honestly don’t think I am going to stick to historical fiction as the only genre I will write.”

This caught Kelly’s interest. “What else do you intend to write? And I’m glad you’re willing to branch out to other genres. It’s good experience at least.”

Molly closed her eyes as she reflects. “I have always loved the horror genre, but I have learned something recently that is pushing me more towards thriller.  I might try romance, not erotica, but clean romance, also my husband is also an author and he writes Sci-fi and Fantasy, and we are looking for something that we can collaborate on.  His book recently came out in Nov.  ‘Ion 417: Raiju’.”

“Oh wow, that’s awesome! Tell him congrats on his accomplishment, and I hope you the best with exploring those different genres.” Kelly smiled but sat back in her seat. “But back to your story, what inspired it?”

Molly smiled. “I was listening to a church talk in Oct., and they mentioned how many people actually missed the Titanic.  My thoughts went to the people who were disappointed that they missed it at first then felt blessed that they had missed it. My brain said, what if half a family made it… and someone survived.”

“Oh I like it!” Kelly grinned. “Don’t you just love how ideas come?” She wagged her head with a smile as she thought of this, but then she focused on Molly once more. “So, without giving anything away, what can you tell me about the characters, the protagonists, antagonists, their conflicts, and such?” She tilted her head to a side.

Molly tilted her head to think, as she ran her hand through her hair, and uncrossed and recrossed her legs. “The book spans several years, so you see the start and end of WW1 and WW2, you see what happens in England and then you are back in America. They characters are just dealing with life.  The life of war, the depression, and all the happiness and misery it can bring.”

“And who’s your favorite character to write?” Kelly smiled, knowing this could be a difficult question to answer at times, but she was curious.

Molly frowned, how could she answer this question? “I have really enjoyed writing each character.  The sets of emotions that play out in these peoples lives are up and down and all over the place.  Sometimes its been hard to write the things that happen to the survivor, their life is not easy at all.  I have had a blast with the details of their surrounding, trying to bring the richness of what I see onto the page is hard but amazing when it works right.”

Kelly noticed Molly barely dodged her question, but she let her because they were short on time, so she nodded with a smile. “Well, our time is almost up. Can you believe that?” She shook her head but then fixed her eyes on Molly once more. “Last question. What would you like your readers to take from your story—if anything? What would you like them to remember most of it?”

Molly glanced at her watch. “Wow, time has flown by.  You can survive anything and lead a happy life.  I am not sure that will come out, but I am still editing, so i can make sure it can. I also want them to take away that I can’t wait to see what she is going to write next. That they are all dying to go get my next book.”

“I bet it’s going to be awesome!” Kelly grinned as she rose to her feet. “Well, Molly, I really appreciate you coming here and putting up with all my questions. If you’d like, you may explore the library.” She motioned to the surroundings. “Unfortunately, I have another obligation, so I’m going to have to get going, but it was wonderful to meet you!”

Molly stood as well, “Thank you for interviewing me. Its been fun!”

“I’m glad you think so. Come, I’ll walk you out.” Kelly gestured for Molly to follow, and they left the library still chatting a bit.


Molly H. Darcey’s novel, ‘Passenger 642’, has not release date set yet, but follow her on social media for the announcement of her story title, a release date, and book cover!





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