Character Interview: Diana Quirk’s Guy

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Guy was written by Diana Quirk.)

Fortunately with spring it means it is cloudy not that it mattered to Guy.  He still had to avoid the sunlight so he walked fast carrying the umbrella.  On the sidewalk he saw a glimpse of sunlight shine on it.  Despite the fact he was wearing UVA protective clothes he didn’t want to risk the allergic reaction.  As the sun started to shine more, Guy was relieved to see the shop.  He went inside and closed his umbrella.  He really hoped the Writer or Jafar had warned the Muse that he would be dressed covered up head to toe.  Some business shop owners got scared seeing a young man come in covered.  He removed the hood and scarf off his face.  He greeted Kelly with a smile, “Hello.”

Kelly smiled at him as she finished boxing up an item. “Hi. You must be Guy. I knew another person named Guy, but that was during the 12th Century. He even became king of Jerusalem for a time.” She shrugged, reminiscing on that time period but then shook her head and focused on her guest with a smile. “So come on in and make yourself at home. I’m just finishing up organizing some things. Can I interest you in any cookies? Jafar seemed to like them a lot last time he was here.” She set a place of cookies on the counter. “How are you doing today, by the way? I trust you are well.”

“I am well.  thanks for the cookies, dad, brought them to us then said we had to share them.  We got carried away in eating them.”  Guy said, “How are you?”

Kelly chuckled when she heard this. “I am quite well, and I suppose I’ll just have to bake some more, so you can take them home too…not saying you need to share of course.” She winked at him then motioned for him to follow her to the back as she picked up a box to put it away. “So, Guy, I understand you’re adopted, but you’ve sought out your biological parents recently. Have you found them?” She raised her brows.

Guy followed but looked at all the items they passed, “I did but I haven’t contacted them yet.   They have two little girls now.”

“So what’s the plan? Are you thinking about contacting them? Or what exactly?” She set the box down on a table and looked at him. “Are you worried that you’d disrupt their life?”

“I want to talk to them and find out what happened.  I know what I have been told but I want to hear their side.  Will Scarlet says I am asking for trouble.” Guy looked at a sword as they talked.

Kelly shrugged. “Could be. What do you know about your parents though?” She moved toward the kitchen to bake up another batch of cookies, so Guy could take them home to his family after this conversation.

“Our dad has a criminal record of robbery.  Mom was on the quiet side it seems.  I know he took Will Scarlet and I to the hospital after we were attacked by an Animal Curse.  He was vague about what happened so they removed us.  At some pointed, they magick courts put us up for adoption.  We never had contact after that.” Guy sat down in a chair.

“How old were you when all this happened?” Kelly furrowed her brows then opened the fridge to get some butter out and melt it in the microwave.

“I was three.  All I remember is crying at everything the doctors and nurses were doing.” Guy broke off a tiny piece of cookie popping them in his mouth.

“Still, you can remember that much. That’s more than me.” Kelly shook her head and began mixing the batter for the cookies. “So, why haven’t you approached your parents yet?”

“I am slightly scared the outcome will be.  Maybe I am mad at them too.  I sat at the park across the street from their house and watched them.  They were playing with their daughters.” Guy watched her bake.

“And you’re envious of the girls?” Kelly stirred the sugar into the batter as she watched Guy. “But you’ve had a good life growing up with Jafar and Khloe, right? They’ve been good parents to you, haven’t they?”

“Oh, they are best.  We were considered least likely to be adopted especially together.” Guy tilted his head, “I guess…maybe…I was mad on some level because Robin and Marian moved on.”

Kelly paused her baking to really look at Guy. “How important is it for you to know all the answers? Will it gnaw at you? Or can you let it go?” She raised her brows.

“I just want to know.  I try to let it go.  Will Scarlet is content to believe what the investigators told Jafar and Khloe.  I feel it is one sided.” Guy looked at her.

Kelly nodded. “Have you done your own research about your parents? You said your father has a criminal record, but have you looked into what crimes they were and so forth? Because…to be honest, if your dad was a criminal—not saying that he was—I’m not entirely surprised that you were put up for adoption. Although you’re probably wondering why he didn’t stop his criminal activities once you were born, right?” Kelly looked at Guy but then focused on the dough as she scooped it out and onto the cookie sheet.

Guy watched her, “I looked at his background from the internet.  He had a long history of robbery.  He had off and on periods that there were nothing.  I suppose that’s jail time.  One article I read said he told the judge he robbed from the rich to give to the poor.  He doesn’t seem to have stopped after we were born or when he lost us.”

“And do you think his actions are justified? Especially if he’s taking from the rich and giving to the poor?” As Kelly asked this, she put the cookies in the oven then set the timer and came around the counter to sit at the table across from Guy.

“In a noble, romantic way it sounds nice.  Don’t we envy those who never struggle.  Morally and legally he’s wrong.” Guy swallowed the piece of cookie, “May I have a drink please?”

“Oh yes! of course. I’m sorry, I should have offered that sooner but got caught up in conversation.” Kelly went into the kitchen. “What would you like to drink? Milk? Water? Tea? Coffee?”

“Tea is good, thank you.” Guy smiled.

Kelly made some tea for him then brought it to him. “Sorry about that again.” Then she sat down once more. “So, you know his actions are wrong although, yes, I can see how it could be noble in a way, but…his actions likely led the government to take you away. Can you forgive him for that?”

“I don’t know.  I want to but I know the few years we spent being cared for by strangers. We were just another name on a file and a case number.” Guy said and sipped the tea, “Okay, Texas does have good tea.”  He smiled.

Kelly chuckled at his random comment. “Glad you think so.” Then the timer went off, so she went to the oven and pulled out the cookies. “All right, so….say you do go to your parents and everything. What do you imagine would happen?”

Guy shock his head, “That is were my mind goes blank.  Some kids at school said people who find their biological parents get a positive relationship.  Others say some parents don’t want to knowledge that part of their lives or the kid.  So I mixed if it would be a hug or a slammed door.”

“Okay, let’s look at this practically,” Kelly suggested as she finished taking the hot cookies off the sheet and began putting new ones on. “How would the two lives mix—your adopted family and your biological family? Do you think they’d get along? Would you want to disown your adopted family? Would your brother come with you?”

“Would my brother come with me?  Not willingly.  His opinion is I am betraying the people who did the work.   I don’t know what Mom would think, probably would not be happy.  I know Dad wouldn’t be.  He has told us as a Genie he sees what greed and the easy way gets people.  So, no, I don’t think they would get along nor would Dad, Jafar be open to it.  Do you think they would disown me?” Guy had never thought of these questions now realizing how complicated it was.

“They who? Your adopted family or your biological family?” Kelly furrowed her brows. “I’m fairly certain your adopted family wouldn’t disown you. Why would they do such a thing? However, your biological family…” She paused to think on it for a moment but shook her head. “I don’t think they would disown you. I do think that they may not want to share. You said they have two daughters. Well, Robin would likely be thrilled to have two grown sons suddenly in his life. He’d finally be able to do things with his boys that he can’t do with the girls. Finally he wouldn’t be the only guy in the house. However…” She cocked her head to a side, regarding Guy. “I worry that he might take advantage of you and try to rope you into his…activities.”

“Right.  I get in trouble and believe me I’d rather go to jail than face Jafar.  Mad Genies are scary.” Guy sipped his tea.

“I have a feeling that you being in jail wouldn’t hinder Jafar at all. After all, he is a genie.” Kelly reminded with a chuckle as she put the final batch of cookies in the oven. “I totally understand your curiosity, but you have to know for certain where you stand, and you have to keep a clear head at all times. You don’t want to get pulled into Robin’s trouble. You never know what people will use again you, and you have to be firm. Are you?”

“Probably not as strong as a man with years on robbery and maybe conning as well.” Guy confessed being honest.

Kelly inclined her head. “Yeah, there is that.” Knowing there wasn’t much more they could discuss down that vein of the conversation, she shifted the topic as she returned to the table with the fresh cookies now. “So, your brother. Tell me about your relationship with him.”

“He’s a howling good time.”  Guy sat there a moment in silence, “That was terrible.  He’s the werewolf.  We are Irish twins, 10 months apart.  He is brave, gentle soul.  He is strong in that he isn’t bothered by people staring at his scars or people’s prejudices of Were-animals.”

“Are both of you werewolves? Or just him?” Kelly had noticed the difference in his appearance but hadn’t been bothered by it and didn’t want to bring it up.

“I am a were-bat.  vampire bat to be exact.  I am the size of a big fruit bat when turned.”

“Okay, and…does that mean you’re blind when you’re a bat?” Kelly furrowed her brows. “Because I know bats, in general, are blind. How do you adjust to that?”

Guy snacked on another cookie, “I am night blind as a bat.  That’s a cruel joke isn’t it.  I only turned at night.  But my sense of smell is good.  I also can sense things by noise.”

“Interesting,” Kelly mused. “So, what’s it like? Being a bat and all?” She leaned forward, setting her chin in her palm.

“I love the feeling of flying.  The wind rushing by but people put obstacles in the way.  Power lines are everything it seems.  Hanging upside down is fun.” Guy smiled.

Kelly chuckled when she heard this. “It sounds crazy. Now, you said you’re a vampire bat, but…are you a vampire as well or no? I know vampire bats are actual vampires, so…” She trailed off. The timer went off again, so she went back to get the cookies out of the oven once more.

“All were-animal people carry some part of their animal with them in human form.  Will Scarlet has a nose that, he can smell things better then other people.  Can you imagine him as a police officer?  I digress.  So I do craze blood, they give me blood transfusions to keep me from biting people.  Not that I ever have…as a human.” Guy told her, “Crosses don’t work on me though.”

“I’m sure many of the myths of vampires don’t worry on you.” Kelly smiled as she worked to get the cookies off the sheet. “So…I’m assuming you weren’t always a were-bat, so…what happened?”

“That I don’t know.  Robin brought Will Scarlet and I to the magick hospital.  He said we were attacked by the curse.  According to the police report he appeared to be avoiding the question by acting in shock.  I don’t remember the curse that night.  They say a ghostly form of the animal attacks you so I am sure I remember for good reason.  A bat attacking a 3 year old would be scary…or a wolf to a two year old.” Guy wiped his hands.

“Do you remember the first time you actually changed into bat form?” Kelly asked gently.

“I remember the feeling, it is painful.  Now they give us pain killers but the first time they didn’t.  Imagine your bones getting bigger or smaller.  It feels like you are breaking.” Guy said matter of fact.

Kelly winced when she heard this, and she shook her head. “That just sounds horrible. Have you and your brother adjusted to it though? Any problems you have to live with?” She raised her brows, finishing with the cookies and bringing the plate over to the table.

Guy tilted his head, “You get use to the pain and it is a quick change.  It makes small pains easy to deal with.  When people complain of splinters I smirk.  I’ll trade a splinter for transforming.”

“I’m sure.” Kelly chuckled but then decided to shift the topic a little. “So, tell me, what’s it like being the son of a genie?”

Guy smiled, “Not as fun as people think.  ‘Oh, you get anything you wish for.’  I told Dad, I wished for a car.  He said he wished I had a job.  He use to spontaneously get pulled to the bottle to fight in a Genie fight.   But the Magick unit of the police shut down the fight and arrested Dad’s wish master.  So now he is free of that.  But for a long time, he would be there then all of a sudden he wouldn’t.  When he would return however long sometimes he was beat up.  But he is fun.  He makes spins for a hobby.”

Kelly smiled. “And what about Khloe? What’s she like?”

“Organic.” Guy chuckled, “She is a powerful Earth witch.  She owns a herb and spice shop.  She is awesome as a Mom.  She is there when we need her…and when we don’t.  A regular mother earth.”

“It sounds like you have a wonderful family. Keep that in mind as you contemplate whether or not to approach your birth parents, all right? Because some thing cannot be undone.” Then Kelly sighed. “Unfortunately though, our time is up, and I have to get back to the front of the shop.” She rose to her feet and offered Guy the plate of freshly baked cookies. “For you–and your family.” She smiled. “Thank you for visiting with me. It was great chatting with you.”

“Thanks for the cookies.  I’ll take these home.  Maybe Dad will forgive us for eating the cookies before Mom got one.  Oh.” Guy gave her an origami bat from his backpack, “Dad tells me never to go anywhere empty handed and bare face.”

“Oh…wow.” She took it from him and smiled. “Thank you for this! I hope you the best, Guy.” She led him back to the front of the shop. “I really hope you the best.”

Guy smiled seeing the sun was hidden by the clouds again but covered up anyway, “Till next time.”

“Next time!” Kelly smiled and watched him go then went to find a place to put the origami bat.


Diana’s story, currently untitled, is projected to be finished by the end of this year but does not have a release date set yet. Please follow her on social media for more updates!




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