Author Interview: M. M. Chromy

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Megan was written by M. M. Chromy. To stay caught up with these interviews, be sure to SUBSCRIBE.)

Kelly stepped through the polished black doors of the library of palace in the desert kingdom of Athorim’s, and she gazed in wonder at the spaciousness of this room. The walls were made from the same polished black stone as the rest of the city was, and Kelly knew the secret which those stones harbored, and heavy, tall bookcases lined the entirety of the room. From where she stood here, she saw a winding staircase and looked up and saw upper levels that led to even more rooms filled with books.

She smiled then turned when she heard the doors open again, and she saw a tall, pale-skinned Athorian escorting in a woman who took in the sights with wide eyes. Kelly could relate to that feeling, and she nodded to the Athorian who had brought her guest then greeted her. “You must be Megan. Welcome to Athorim’s grand library.” She gestured wide to their surroundings. “Home of pure magic and lots of secrets.” Then she focused once more on Megan with a smile. “And how are you today?”

Megan looked around in wonder, and couldn’t resist running her fingers across a row of books. “I am well. This place is huge! I have always believed in magic, of sorts. How are you?”

Kelly shrugged. “It’s been a long but productive day, so I can’t complain.” Then she motioned for Megan to follow her between the shelves to a wide open space lined with tables. “There are a lot of scholars here, but I sorta demanded everyone get a life for an hour, so I can meet with you.” Kelly smiled at Megan then motioned for her to sit as she did the same. “So, tell me about yourself. What is it that you do? Or are you a full-time writer?”

Megan laughed and took a seat with her hands folded on the table top. “I would like to say I write full time, but I do not. I am a Customer Support Specialist by day, writer by night!”

Kelly nodded then titled her head a side. “And have you always been a writer? Or is it a more recent endeavor?”

“I’ve always been a reader, and dabbled a bit as a kid. But it was about eight years ago that I actually set out to write a story.”

Upon hearing this, Kelly raised her brows as she leaned forward, setting her forearms on the table and smiling. “So what happened eight years ago to spark that?”

Megan lifted her chin in thought. “I remember reading a lot of young adult fiction and thinking that it was filled with garbage and poor writing. I realized that I could write a better story that was cleaner, but still captivating.” Then Megan smiled and said, “I guess that makes me sound a big cocky.”

“No actually, it doesn’t.” Kelly shook her head as she pulled back. “I’ve actually had those same thoughts…unless I’m cocky too.” She shrugged but then went back to the conversation. “So what sort of stuff do you write?”

Megan pressed her hands to the table top and rocked back. “Well, I don’t think we are!” she smile then continued, ” I guess you can classify my story as a Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel, with a religious overtone. But its not ‘christian fiction’.”

Kelly nodded. That made sense. “And have you published any work, or are you working on that?”

Megan sighed, full of wishful thinking. “I would like to say I’m published, that would mean all the hard work is done. But I’m not, I’m still in round one of my edits.”

“Hey, at least you have something to edit.” Kelly offered her a kind smile. “So, what’s the story your focusing on right now? What is it about?”

Megan grinned in response. “My story is called The Warrior’s Trust. Its book one of three. Its about a girl named Samantha Fife who becomes a supernatural superhero, of sorts. She fights demons to keep humanity safe.”

“Interesting.” Kelly nodded with a smile when she heard this and she tilted her head to a side, furrowing her brows. “What inspired this story?”

Megan buried her fingers in her hair. “I think it goes back to wanting a cleaner, better written story. I thought about what would be the coolest thing to happen to me and how I could incorporate my faith without being blatantly obvious.”

“You wanted to fight demons?” Kelly chuckled at this. “Though that would be pretty cool.”

Megan leaned forward and pressed her hands to the table top with a big grin. “I want to do something great. Make a difference, ya know? I just thought it would be wicked cool to be a superhero with superpowers. But we fight demons,” she made finger air quotes around the word, “every day. Some battle worse demons than others. Sound crazy?”

“Crazy is the norm for us writers.” Kelly gave her a smirk then nodded. “But that is pretty cool. So surely this Samantha character isn’t on her own fighting and such. Who are other main characters–protagonist, antagonists?

Megan couldn’t help but bounce in her seat. She loved talking about her characters. “Sam, her nickname, and her best friend are called Warriors of Light. They are trained by an Adviser, named Andrew. In book one, you’ll also meet Harper Tate, he’s my main male protag. I would discuss my bad guys… but spoilers.” Megan smiled, “I guess, I can mention Dominic. He’s one of the bad guys on the chessboard. He’d a demon and, I have to say, extremely fun to write.”

Kelly smiled when she saw how excited Megan was to talk about the characters. It was always great to see writers that enthusiastic about their stories. “So, can you give me a brief description of the characters and what they’re like?”

“Absolutely!” Megan held up a finger. “Sam is loyal, determined, hard headed, and always acts before she things. Read, fire, aim!” Megan ticked off a second finger. “Leigh is the rule follower, she is family oriented, and has a fear of lose those she loves.” Megan held up three fingers. “Harper Tate is complicated. Without giving too much away, he’s had about a bajillion pounds of heartache. He always feels a bit inferior, even though he’s going to be the most awesome of all my characters. He’s a bit reserved. He is a thinker. Domnic may be the smartest weasel of my entire story. He’s duped me for a long time. He let me in on a secret recently that has me seeing him in a whole different light. Sneaky little turd.”

Kelly chuckled when she heard this. “They all sound like fantastic characters!” Then she had to shift the subject just a little. “So what would you like your readers to remember most when they walk away from your story? Anything in particular?”

Megan thought about this question for a moment. They were very important to her. The main reason she wanted to write. “I want to give my readers hope. That no matter how flawed, how scared, how bruised and battered you are, that you are brave and there is always hope. Anyone can be a Warrior of Light.”

Hearing this caused Kelly to smile. “That is a wonderful reason to write. We need more writers like you, so keep it up!” Then she paused and closed her eyes brows before looking back at Megan and frowning. “Our time here is about up,” she announced with a sigh as she rose to her feet. “But tell me, any idea when your book may be ready for publication?”

Megan followed Kelly’s lead and stood. “I don’t have a publication date. But my goal is to get my story all shined up and polished so that I can get it into the hands of an agent within the next year. God willing.”

“So sometime 2016.” Kelly nodded then smiled. “I certainly hope you the best! And keep me posted on your progress. I’d love to know when it’s published.” Then she gestured and opened a portal. “This will take you open. Thanks so much for this chat. It was a lot of fun, and so very good to meet you!”

“Thank you! I will let you know, for sure!” Megan stepped part way through the portal, then turned and waved. “It was a pleasure to meet you too!” Then she passed through, back to her world of Warriors of Light.

Kelly watched her go, and the portal closed behind Megan. Then she glimpsed around and nodded. That had been a good chat, but now to get back to work!


M. M. Chromy’s book ‘The Warrior’s Trust’ is not yet published and has no set release date yet. However, you can follow her on social media for more updates:




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