Author Interview: Autumn Seigel

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard, and Autumn was written by Autumn Seigel.)

Closing a notebook, Kelly walked pass the shelves lines with trinkets from others realms and came back to the front of her shop around the counter to put it away. The door chime as a visitor walked in, and Kelly looked up then  but looked up when the door chimed and a visitor walked in. She smiled. “Autumn! Welcome to my Muse Shop. How are you doing today?”

Autumn looked at Kelly  and returned the smile. “I’m doing great, thank you!” She said happily. She then glanced around at the many items in the shop.

“Well, I know you’d likely want to explore, and you may do so afterwards, but first, we talk!” Kelly pulled up a stool for Autumn to sit on. “I’d offer that we go to a more comfortable sitting area, but I need to stay up front in case customers have any questions. But anyway,” she smiled, “Tell me, how long have you been writing?”

Autumn sat on the empty stool. “Well, I’ve been writing since I was in the 8th grade. I was in Washington D.C. with my class and was bored one night just wrote something.  I began as a fan fiction writer until I read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and said to myself,  ‘I can write this better.’ And began my own stuff.” Autumn rolled her eyes after that and let out a slight giggle.

Kelly chuckled but nodded. “Yes, sometimes wanting to prove you can write better than someone else works well as motivation. What fan fiction did you write?” She raised her brows as she reached for an ancient compass from behind the counter that needed dusting.

Autumn thought about it for a moment. “I wrote fan fiction about a few Japanese Animes like Fruits Basket, Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans (original), and a few TV shows I liked at the time.” Autumn shifted in her seat to get comfortable.

“I used to write fan fiction as well. I think it’s a fantastic training arena for writers to build their crafts.” Kelly smiled but then put the compass away and pulled out a snow globe with a fantasy castle inside. Of course, she knew this was more than an ordinary snow globe, but Kelly said nothing of it as she dusted it off too. “So, how many original works have you written? Published or unpublished.”

Autumn lanced her fingers together nervously. “I’ve began at least seven works since I started and two of them are ones I’ve picked up again. I’ve had this bad habit of starting and never finishing tasks for years. Especially writing tasks. I start but never finish.” She sighed and looked down.

“Hey.” Kelly waited until Autumn looked up at her, and she offered her a warm smile. “Every writer has countless of works they haven’t finished–some of them could be the next BIG thing, but they’re unfinished and maybe never see the light of day.”She shrugged. “It’s unfortunate, but true, so don’t feel bad, okay?” She held Autumn’s gaze until she nodded, and then Kelly smiled once more, putting the snow globe away and then sat on a stool opposite of Autumn.

Folding her arms on the counter, she clasped her hands together and leaned forward. “So, what genre do you write?”

Autumn gave her a small smile. She liked this question. “Well, I write in many genres. Paranormal Romance, Contemporary…But I’ve been into writing Science Fiction-Dystopian novels. It’s been a big hit with the teen crowd because of The Hunger Games and Divergent. The books I am writing now are a part of that genre.”

“So, tell me about what you’re currently writing.” Kelly could tell Autumn really wanted to talk about it, so she decided to open the floodgates and sit back and listen with a smile on her face.

“Well, I have two series I am working on,” Autumn replied, feeling her heart race with excitement. Here was her time to shine. “One is about a prophecy and the Polygon system, which is out on Wattpad right now. That one is called “Asymmetrical: A Polygon War Novel”. The second one is about Global Warming and has some Mythology Elements to it. It’s a weird combo: Science Fiction and Mythology, but I made it work. It’s called ReAwaken. Which should be out on Amazon in August of this year. My editor and I figured out the date on that one just recently. ” After she stopped, she was surprised that she did not stutter at all during this conversation. She smiled mostly to herself, proud that she was able to go through this without stumbling.

“Do you know a specific date in August when it should be out?” Kelly raised her brows.

Autumn shook her head. “Depends on when everything is complete, I guess. I’ve never been this close to publishing in the four years I’ve been writing ReAwaken. My editor said by mid-July we should have the final edits done and betas taken care of.”

Kelly nodded completely understanding how time-consuming those final edits could be. “Well, when you know an exact date, be sure to let me know!” She flashed her a smile. “Hey would you like some homemade chocolate chip cookies?” Without waiting for a response, Kelly turned on the stool, hopped off it, went to the back and brought out a plate of cookies. She gave Autumn a sheepish look. “Forgot I made these earlier. Feel free to have as many as you’d like!” She placed the cookies on the counter and sat on the stool once more.

“So tell me more about ReAwakening—the characters, the conflicts they face and such.” While waiting for an answer, Kelly took a cookie from the plate.

Autumn took a cookie from the plate as well. One wouldn’t hurt, she told herself. “Oh, um, without revealing a whole lot…The story is about a group of kids who wake up in a school with no memories or emotions but with special gifts that could help them in survival. It centers around the journey of Arianna Montgomery and her friends, who have emotions but hide them well from the Superiors. They escape and face many obstacles, Arianna especially. She finds out that she is different from even her friends. Her boyfriend is Mark, and he tries to understand why she is different. The Antagonist is the leader of the “New Earth” Project, hence the series name “The New Earth Saga”.  I can’t say too much about him because it would reveal the entire plot. But, he is human, unlike the experiments.” Autumn had to stop herself before revealing everything. She kinda gets carried away like that around people who are interested.

“So is this set in like a futuristic Earth or when and where exactly?” Kelly tilted her head as she asked the question but then finished off her cookie.

“It takes place in a not to far distant future. I made it so the story had modern technology, no flying cars and whatnot, but the science and medicine is advanced. So, it could take place now and wouldn’t mess up anything.” Autumn explained, taking a bite from her cookie.

“And you said these characters have to survive. What exactly are they surviving? The environment? Evil government? Other survivors? Or all the above?” Kelly folded her arms on the counter as she sat and leaned forward to hear these answers.

Autumn swallowed. “The whole point of the project is to make a new human race that could survive the upcoming Apocalypse, which is a more extreme part of the Global Warming. So, the environment.  Arianna finds out she has a bigger role to play in this new human race than she realizes.” She took the last bite of her cookie before glancing at Kelly.

Kelly nodded. “Ah, I see!” She smiled. “Interesting! Now, as you even said, Science Fiction-Dystopian is pretty popular these days, so that means a lot of competition. What makes your story so different from the others?”

“Well,” Autumn began. “I think because of there being no set time period makes it a bit different. And, it takes place in my hometown of Wapakoneta, Ohio, not in any popular city.” She paused for a second and then continued. “And, Arianna has a big flaw which causes problems throughout the book. She has epilepsy.”

“Well that is different!” Kelly beamed as she straightened on her stool, but then she caught sight of the clock on the wall and realized what time it was. She frowned and looked back at Autumn. “Unfortunately it looks like our time is up. Your story sounds fantastic, and I hope you the very best with it when you release it! You’re quite welcome to take a look around the shop. Just be careful. There are hidden portals into other worlds all over the place and lots of plot bunnies running loose. They do bite.” She chuckled but shook her head.

“Ha! You should play the point-and-click adventure game Myst,” Autumn concluded. “It has books that have portals in them from writers worlds. Well, I’ll be careful!” She waved at Kelly and walked to the door. “See you soon!” She opened the door and walked out. Now, she had to confront her characters again.


Autumn’s novel ‘ReAwaken’ is now available on Amazon, and you can find it here: ReAwaken by Autumn Seigel. 

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