Author Interview: Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick

(Kelly is written by Kelly Blanchard while Lex (Lynn) is written by Lynn-Alexandria)

With a basket-load of odd trinkets she had been given by others—from this world and from other worlds—Kelly put a golden candlestick on a shelf then placed beside it a vase with a single dried, red rose in it. She then rummaged through the basket, found an old, worn and torn deck of vintage cards. Wondering what the history was behind that, she shrugged and placed it on the shelf as well then moved further down the aisle.

The door chime sounded, and Kelly called out, “I’ll be right there.” She went to the end of the aisle, set the basket down out of the way near the antique piano—which sometimes was known to play tunes on its own—and then she headed back to the front of the shop and smiled at the woman she saw. “Hi! It’s wonderful to meet you!” She extended her hand to shake Lynn’s. “How would you like me to address you? Lynn? Alex?”

Walking through the door of the shop, Lex immediately felt at ease. It was what she would describe as charming and quaint. Hearing the voice calling from further in the shop, she made her way over to the counter. When Kelly emerged, a warm smile spread across her face. Lex took Kelly’s hand and shook it warmly. “It’s great to meet you too. I love your shop. It’s so welcoming and comfortable. You can call me Lex. Most people call me that. Thanks for the offer of an interview. It’s really exciting.”

“Well, it’s exciting to have you here! I know you’d probably want to browse the shop, but let’s go upstairs, shall we?” She motioned for Lex to follow as she led the way to the spiral stairs up to the sitting area in the loft. “Do you like chocolate chip cookies?” She gestured to the plate of cookies on the table. “Help yourself.”

The two of the sat down in lazy boy chairs in this warm and cozy environment—bookshelves lining the wall with a few antiques here and there, but Kelly kept an eye on what was happening below—having perfect view of the front door in case a customer came in.

However, her focus was on Lex across from her, and she smiled. “So, how long have you been writing?”

Nodding softly, Lex followed Kelly upstairs. The spiral staircase was exquisite, just like the rest of the store.  “It’s a beautiful place you have here.” She said softly.  Lex sank down on the lazy boy and sighed softly.  “Now this is a comfortable seat. I walked about eight miles with my dogs earlier. It’s good to sit down finally. Chocolate chip are my favorite. Thank you.” Lex took a cookie from the plate and took a small bite.  “Your antiques are beautiful. I like reading old books. I love how they smell. Anyway my writing. I started when I was about 8  years old. I’d write little stories at school and I had a book where I would keep doodles and stories I would make up. I was an avid reader as a child. Two things my Mum says about me is that as a child I was obsessed with two things—dogs and books. She’d usually find me lying with the dog reading to him. A habit I still have today. I read to my dogs all the time, I find it soothing and relaxing.” Lex took another little bite of the cookie, the chocolate melting in her mouth. She gave a small appreciative sigh and continued. “When I started secondary school we had an English class and it was there I really excelled and could get into the finer points of writing. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Except dog training.”

“Ah yes, dogs are wonderful creatures! I have one myself.” Kelly thought back to her Doberman back home and figured she should have let the dog come with her to work today, but oh well!

She snatched a cookie off the plate and broke off a piece. “So did you have someone in your life that was really influential in getting you ‘serious’ about writing? I mean, someone who challenged you?” She glanced at Lex and smiled. “Or were you just self-motivated?”

“When I was in year four at school there was an English teacher, Mrs McLaughlan. She would give me books to read and offered to read my stories, she would give me feedback. She really helped me a lot.” Lex smiled softly, remembering Mrs McLaughlan and her little glasses, standing in front of the chalkboard discussing the finer points of Shakespeare. “Since then you could say that my muse comes in the form of a person. Someone I have known for fourteen years. They have seen me through some very tough times and taking to them really gets my creative juices flowing. He’d probably be embarrassed to know that. I’ve never told anyone about that until now.” Clearing her throat. She finished off her cookie and placed her hands on the arms of the lazy boy. Her cheeks were blushed crimson—something that always happened when she admitted something deep.

Kelly leaned forward. “Do you want to give a name to this person? C’mon, you offered me a mystery here, and I probe.” She smirked but then straightened and lifted her hand. “Of course, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

Lex grinned as her whole face turned a crimson red. “Not a name but I will give you three details. He’s American. We have never met physically, and he used to be in the military.” Lex brought her hand up to fan her face lightly. “I hate it when I blush.” She laughed softly.

“Hey, it’s okay!” Kelly laughed then motioned to her own face. “When I blush, my entire face goes beet red, and it’s just bad. No way of hiding, so I completely understand and won’t try to make you blush, but this individual DOES sound intruging.” She winked at Lex then sat back in her chair, arms on the armrests. “So, do you write short stories, novels, poetry, or what exactly?”

Lex chuckled and lifted her hand, one finger pointed up.  “I will give you one more piece of information, and I think you will like it. My muse? I’m deeply in love with him and that will never change.” She leaned back in the lazy boy and considered the question for several moments. “All of the above I would say. I have a poetry book out called Primal Passions. It’s quite a steamy selection of poetry. I enjoy writing short stories and am working on a series of novels. I work as a freelance writer and am a columnist for a dog paper in the UK. But my first writing love is fiction. I write erotica, got into it five years ago and never looked back.”

“Interesting…” Kelly nodded slowly, lost in thought, but then she shook her head, blinked, and came back to the moment. She chuckled. “Sorry, I’m VERY tempted to go back your muse and pester you with questions there, but I know we’re supposed to focus you as a writer. I’m sure we’ll come back to him.” She smirked. “But anyway! Quite a wide range of writing that you have there! Honestly, I’m glad you’ve written poetry because it does had something unique to even prose writing, so well done with that.” She nodded at Lex and then tilted her head. “What story are you working on now?” Then she added, “And does your muse happen to be one of the characters in this book?” She winked.

Lex chuckled at her words and let out a long breath. Clasping her hands together on her lap, she looked at Kelly. “The story I’m working on is an erotic romance. It’s a series I call ‘The Thornton Series’. It has BDSM factors in it as well as a riveting storyline. My main character is a man called Deacon McClain. He is an ex military special ops soldier who owns a BDSM club in the town of Thornton. He has a stake in a security company with two of his friends William and Alexander. Anyway. An old comrade shows up at the club with news that Samantha Detori, a woman Deacon grew up with in a foster home has been captured while on a mission and is being auctioned off as the ultimate prize by a twisted Dom. Deacon and his men set a plan in motion to infiltrate the auction and get Sam out. And yes. My muse does have a character in the book. But which one?” Lex grinned at the little teaser she gaves Kelly at the end before winking.

“I see.” Kelly nodded and reached for the plate of cookies for another cookie. “By the way, you may have another one if you’d like.” She then scooted back in her chair as she pondered her next question. “So is this a good guy vs bad guy kind of story—rescue the damsel in distress, or is it much deeper than that?” She raised her brows as she broke off a piece of her cookie then ate it.

Leaning forward in the chair, Lex reached for another cookie. She broke off a piece and held it in her hand.

“It’s deeper than that. You see thanks to a certain well publicized book. People have a serious misinformation about BDSM and the relationship between a dominant and a submissive. I also deal with things like PTSD in my book. I want to show people that no matter what happens to them, they can overcome it. It might take a lot of work but it’s possible. I also have a very twisted side and writing bad guys is good to get that out of the system.” Lifting the piece of cookie to her mouth, she ate it and slid back on the chair again.

Kelly nodded. “There always needs to be a balance, so that’s good that you’re trying to provide it.” She smiled but then glimpsed at the clock on the wall and frowned when she saw the time. “We’re about out of time! Always hard to believe.” She wagged her head. “But before we end, I’ve got a question about your muse. Sorry, I keep coming back to that, but he knows of you right? And why haven’t you two met? In person, at least?”

The smallest hint of sadness filled her eyes for a second before she shook her head softly. “Life has got in the way. We had lost touch for a while and that was when I had visited the States. It seems to be one of those situations where there is never an ideal time. We have talked about it, but things have just happened and it’s not been possible. You don’t have to apologize for asking. I can imagine what thoughts and questions are going through your mind.”

“Well, that’s unfortunately, and I’m sorry about that. That can be very difficult, but at least he’s been an inspiration to you.” With a kind but understanding smile, Kelly rose to her feet then gestured for Lex to follow her down the spiral stairs. As they came to the bottom floor, she turned to her guest and smiled. “Thanks again for meeting with me. It was fun! And you’re more then welcome to browse around!” She gestured to the shelves. “Never know what you’ll find.”

Rising to her feet, she followed Kelly down the gorgeous spiral staircase. When they’d reached the bottom she had already decided to have a better look around the shop. “Kelly it has been a pleasure. You’re an awesome interviewer. Certainly know how to make someone feel at ease. If you need anything else then don’t hesitate to get in touch.” Offering her hand, she shook Kelly’s hand softly and then looked out to the store. “I am sure I’m going to find lots of things I will love.”

“Just don’t get lost. Anything could be a portal to another world, and plot bunnies like hiding everywhere and will bite.” Kelly chuckled as she headed back to the front counter. “Who knows, maybe you’ll find a time machine or portal to an alternative universe…” She left it hanging with that and a smile.


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick’s first book of her ‘The Thornton Series’ is titled ‘Literally Stalked’, and she is aiming to have it released at the end of this year. Follow her on Facebook and on Twitter to stay updated!

Facebook: L.A. McKendrick

Twitter: @LexusRanger


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