Author Interview: Kat Perrin


In this post, Kelly Blanchard interviews Kat Perrin. For this to happen, they co-wrote this interview with Kat writing herself, and Kelly writing herself. So without further ado, here is Kat Perrin!


Kat stepped into a grand dome library with huge windows letting in the sunlight revealing the rows and rows of beautiful, tall bookshelves. She could be here all day, but she walked down the middle aisle to where the shelves gave way to a beautiful sitting area in a sunroom with a fountain and some plants.

Sitting in one of the chairs was a young woman, who smiled and rose to her feet when she saw Kat. “Welcome! I hope you like the setting I chose.” She gestured to extra chair as she sat back down. “I figured you can never go wrong with a library, and why not make it majestic? The power of the imagination!” She smiled. “I’m Kelly Blanchard.”

Kat smiled softly, her right hand gripped her purse tight while her left swept to her side slightly to mime the sweep of a dress while she curtsied. “Please, all my friends call me Kat. It’s been that way for so long, I rarely ever respond to my given name.” Her accent was soft, a hint of South blended with the Bostonian, as if she’d never lived in either place, yet had the exposure of a lifetime. Kat sat down on the edge of her chair and crossed her ankles under her tie-died skirt and set her purse beside her. her hands folded in her lap, nervously twined together. “Its’ stunningly beautiful here, thank you so much for this honor.”

“My character, Lorrek, allowed me to borrow the library of the Cuskelom palace, so here we are.” Kelly grinned as she looked around. “I promise you may go exploring if you want later, but for now, I believe I have some questions for you!” She shifted in her seat to get more comfortable then motioned to the glasses of water on the nearby table. “And there’s water if you’d like some. Now though, tell me, what got you to start writing? How long have you been writing?”

Kat’s eyes drop down, staring at some pattern on the floor a moment before responding. “As sad as it may be, it was two things that got me enjoying writing. An ex-boyfriend and a creative writing teacher. My teacher in high school wanted us to write a poem. No rules. We could say anything, and did not even have to follow rhyme or meter. I laid down in my bed one night and stared at the moon. My mind wandered to my ex, and then it happened.” Kat gave a short laugh and blushed. “I never really thought of it until now, but it really was kind of magical. The pen moved all on its own, scratching out my feelings, comparing my ex to a beautiful black dragon flying in the night sky. I think Kris would have liked it, if he had ever been able to read it.” She blushed brighter, “My creative writing teacher entered it, and another of my poems, into the school’s annual creative writing competition. They both won, fourth and fifth place. There were over 100 poems that were entered, and I was in the top five. It still seems unreal to me.”

“That is fantastic! It’s unfortunate your ex may never know of his influence in your writing, but I’m glad he inspired you so.” Kelly smiled. “And congrats about winning the competition with your first writing ever! That’s quite an achievement. Have you gone on and won other contests?”

She shook her head, waited a moment then shook it again. “No. I can’t.” She cleared her throat, lifted her eyes a moment to look at Kelly before they dropped again. “Most of the contests I’ve seen have either cost money to enter, or I just don’t have the guts to dare enter. I honestly don’t see myself as that talented.” She shrugged, “I’ve been told different, repeatedly, but I still don’t see it. I’m not sure I ever will, to tell the truth.”

Kelly nodding understandingly then reached out and touched Kat’s hand to get her to look at her. She gave her a warm smile. “Hey, if it makes you feel any better, most of the greatest writers can enter those contests and STILL lose. Why?” Kelly raised her brows as she pulled back with a shrug. “Because it simply wasn’t what the judges were looking for at that time. Don’t ever judge your work according to what a judge thinks.” With that, she sat back. “So, what sort of things do you write? What genre? And such?”

Kat jumped a moment at the touch, but looked up and gave a sad smile. “Oh, I know that, and I think that is the biggest problem. My mind knows, but my heart controls. Just as it does in my writing.” Her smiled widened a moment, actually reaching her eyes a brief moment, “I write both poetry as a reflection of my emotions, or what I call ‘bad poetry’ because I rarely use rhyme or meter, and I’m working on a series of novels set in a dystopian fantasy. I’ve also been trying my hand on contemporary romance short stories.” Kat glanced at the glass of water beside her before taking hold of it and pulling it into her lap. “Fantasy, though, is my go-to genre. Its where I feel most at home.”

“First off, freeverse poetry isn’t bad poetry. If it were, then I too write bad poetry. It’s different and unique, and not everyone can do it, so you should be proud of it.” Kelly then went on, “Short stories and romance can both be difficult, but it’s good that you’re trying. Fantasy though…” A smile slid across her face, and Kelly motioned to their majestic surroundings. “Well, fantasy is fun!” She fixed her focus on Kat once more. “So what inspired you to write your current story?”

Kat’s eyes followed the sweep of Kelly’s hand, her eyes bright as she again took in her surroundings. Indeed, she thoroughly loved the chosen spot of their interview. “I call it bad poetry simply as a laugh at myself. It’s not something I ever plan to make money on, and when I show it, I’m never looking for verification of talent. It simply is words and emotion to me, a way to release pent up issues. But fantasy is life, to me.” Her smiled stayed a moment longer, before mentally moving onto the question.

“Raven’s War. It’s literally been in the making for a lifetime now. Raven is the creation of my fractured mind, in truth. When I was married to my first husband, I met this wonderful person who quickly became a dear friend. It was through that friendship that my husband allowed me to read again, and even attend a comic convention in Tampa. She brought back a creativity in me that I had thought my husband killed. I was still having recurring night terrors of a shadowy man hurting me. I could never see his face, so I named him Raven. I then wondered what if he was a demon who thrived in nightmares. The wonder grew into an idea. Perhaps he was after me because of some power inside of me. Thus, my villain and heroine were born. It’s evolved into its own little world since those early thoughts though.”

“Sounds quite intriguing and frightening—demons thriving on nightmares. There are a lot of books out there dealing with personal demons and such, but I sense yours is different. What can you say would make it so unique?” Kelly tilted her head curious for the answer.

Kat pursed her lips while she thought. She took a deep breath and sighed. “Raven is deeply personal to me. But he’s not your typical demon. He’s handsome, and everyone who reads about him wants to love him until they see what horrors he can produce. He’s vile, twisted, and as insane as I can be at my worst. He can invade your dreams and twist them into your own personal hell, and there is little escape. Raven, however, has always simply wanted one thing, something that has been denied him for eons. That, however, I can’t give away.” Kat laughed a moment. “I simply can’t spoil the thrill of discovery there.”

“A villain that we love but come to hate—sounds like a great character. Your protagonist has got to be very strong to endure that, and I, for one, am curious to know how that plays out, but I know you can’t tell me—don’t want to give away spoilers!” Kelly chuckled then wagged her head before settling on another question. “So, what character of yours can you honestly say is your favorite to write, and why?”

Kat took a long drink of her water then sat it down, lost in thought. “Wow, a favorite?” She paused a moment before starting again. “I don’t know that I can choose between them. Nadia is most like me, so she’s easiest, but Midnight is fun. Then there is Aria and Rose, also aspects of myself.” She sighed and frowned. “I don’t know. In some twisted and sadistic way, I’d have to say Raven is. Raven has become so huge. He’s a large influence not just in all my writing, but also in the story itself. He’s so complex, and that complexity just makes me love to hate to love him.”

“And you know what they say, ‘villains always have the best roles’, so they tend to be the most fun to write! How are far you in the story? When do you think it’ll be ready to be published?”

Kat pouted a moment and gave a few soft cries. “Tragically, Earth’s Light, book one, somehow found itself deleted from my hard drive and external hard drive. I had the first draft done, and did not realize it was missing until after I had finished writing the first draft of book two. I was hoping to have at least one edit done by now, but I need to rewrite the whole thing again.” She frowned, “But as awful as it sounds, it could have been worse. At least the memory of the major scenes are still clear in my mind, even after a year and half from the first writing. I’m hoping to have the thing rewritten by July, and at least one edit done by NaNoWriMo. Book Three will start its first write at that point.”

Kelly stared wide-eyed. “Wow…that’s just…so sad! I’m terribly sorry that happened! However, on the bright side, I know from personal experience when you lose something you’ve written, when you rewrite it, it turns out better than when you original wrote it.” She shrugged. “Can’t explain how it works, but I hope you find it to be true, and I can’t wait for everything to come together for you, so you can publish them.” She then looked at the clock on the wall and sighed. “Now though, unfortunately, it appears that our time is up.” Kelly frowned. “And this is quite unfortunate, because I can sit here for hours just asking questions and listening. It has been a privilege to sit down and chat with you! Maybe you’d be willing to come back for another chat sometime?” She lifted her brows as her eyes brightened with a smile.

Kat smiled and nodded, “It’s been truly my pleasure, and my honor. Thank you so much for having me, and I would be more than willing to chat any time you wish.” Her smile widened, “I’m never hard to find, I’m normally the little girl hanging on for dear life on the golden dragon as we soar through the clouds.”

“Well then, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you!” Kelly rose gracefully to her feet, smiling. “Thanks so much for coming! This was fun. I hope you enjoyed it as well!”

Kat stood, lifting her heavy bag with her and tossing it over her shoulder, then smiled again. “I did, my thanks. Now, you said I could explore?” She didn’t wait for confirmation before she turned, debating her next path.

“Oh, and you MIGHT run into Lorrek while you’re wandering…” Kelly trailed off with that and let her guest meander. Let her have as much fun as she’d like.


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7 thoughts on “Author Interview: Kat Perrin

  1. Hey Kelly,
    Thankyou for inviting me to read the interview. Just enjoyed reading about this particular meeting with the muse. I could actually imagine Kat and you in the library, vividly. And her Raven is most intriguing.
    This interview has been the most unique and interesting one, I’ve read till date.
    Keep up the good work and wishing both Kat and you a brilliant future in writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Kelly,
    Thankyou so much for inviting me over to read this.
    The way you write, I could actually imagine Kat and you seated in the majestic library.
    It was all playing out before my eyes. This is definitely so much more interesting than the staid styles of interviewing.
    Such a unique idea that I can easily say its the best interview I’ve read till date.
    Keep up the good work!
    Here’s wishing you and Kat a brilliant future in writing…:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great interview – one of the best I’ve read. Not just question and answer but a really engaging and innovative format. Can’t wait to read more like this! And I’ll definitely be checking out Kat’s book as well. Raven is just deliciously nasty. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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